Hegel H80 Amplificator

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H 80 este cel mai mic amplificator integrat din oferta producatorului norvegian Hegel. Intrari: 3 analogice (2 x nebalansat RCA, 1 x balansat XLR)5 digitale (2 x optic, 2 x coax, 1 x USB)Etajul de preamplificare este fara compromisuri, similar cu cel folosit in produse de varf. DACul integrat are multe in comun cu DACurile separate fabricate de catre Hegel. Nu necesita drivere, este plugplay. Etajul
de iesire foloseste SoundEngine, o tehnologie care reduce mult
distorsiunile si mareste damping factorul amplificatorului. Conexiunea
USB permite utilizarea telecomenzii amplificatorului pentru a controla
playlistul din computer (puteti da skip, play sau pauza din
telecomanda). Hegel H 80 ofera putere, control si dinamica, mult peste ce puteti gasi in amplificatoarele din aceasta gama de pret. All Hegel audio amplifiers are using a
new kind of distributed amplifier technology called DualAmp Technology.
This technology is used in all integrated amplifiers and power
amplifiers from Hegel. In normal audio amplifiers the voltage gain
stages and current gain stages are combined in the same amplifier
module. DualAmp Technology from Hegel separates the voltage gain stage
and the current gain stage into two completely different stages. First
the music signal goes to the voltage gain stage, amplifying only the
voltage level of the music signal. By doing only voltage gain in this
first stage, we can use amplifier building blocks that are specially
designed to do voltage amplification. After the separate voltage gain
stage, we have the current gain stage, doing only current gain and
nothing else.
This way we can use amplifier blocks
that are specially designed to do current gain. The current gain stage
is needed to deliver a lot of current to the loudspeakers connected to
the audio amplifier. By separating these two stages, we can keep the
sensitive parts of the voltage gain stages away from the large speaker
currents in the current output stage. The output of the voltage gain
stage is connected to the input of the current gain stage. There is no
feedback from the current gain stage to the voltage gain stage. The
Hegel DualAmp technology gives lower total distortion and a higher
dynamic range than normal audio amplifiers. The Hegel DualAmp technology
is developed in-house by Hegel, and is only found in Hegel products. Normal audio amplifiers are using the
same power supply for the different amplifier blocks within the audio
amplifier. The amplifier output stage driving the loudspeaker is using
the same power supply as the crucial input stages and voltage gain
stages of the audio amplifier. The large currents flowing in the
connected loudspeakers will disturb the sensitive input and voltage gain
stages of the audio amplifier. Hegel integrated amplifiers and power
amplifiers are using completely separate DualPower power supplies for
the input and voltage gain stages, and for the current output stages of
the audio amplifier. The custom designed Hegel power transformers have
got separate DualPower windings feeding independent high speed
rectifiers and high capacity power supply capacitors.
By using the DualPower power supply
technology Hegel amplifiers will prevent disturbances from the high
currents flowing in the loudspeakers entering the sensitive input gain
stages and voltage gain stages. The Hegel DualPower technology gives
lower total distortion and a higher dynamic range than normal audio
amplifiers. The Hegel DualPower technology is developed in-house by
Hegel, and is only found in Hegel products. Good recordings are best enjoyed naked.
The organic sound of Hegel means that all parts of a dynamic recording
are reproduced exactly like the original. The quality of the sound
coming out of your speakers are only limited by what happened in the
recording studio. Nothing added, nothing taken out - no artificial
ingredients. Music enjoyed on a Hegel system is the closest you can get
to the live studio session. We are proud to present The Hegel Concept -
the first music system in the world that utilizes the very latest
technology from all related fields, like integrated circuitry,
broadcasting technology and telecommunication. More than 10 years of
research and development have made it possible to reproduce music in a
more natural way than ever before.
Our goal is give music lovers the most
natural and engaging listening experience possible. Real life sound from
acoustic instruments and voices from known artists were our preferred
reference point while developing Hegel, because nothing else would do. It's a common fact: As a story is told
from person to person, details change. Things are added, others lost. At
some point, the story has changed. When a music signal is passing
through an audio amplifier a similar effect will take place. As the
signal is passed from stage to stage within the audio amplifier, the
music signal will be changed by every single amplifier stage. When the
music signal finally reaches your loudspeakers, the signal is different
from the original music signal from the signal source. The Hegel
SoundEngine local error cancelling system prevents distortion in the
audio amplifier circuit stages, preserving the original details and the
dynamic range in the original music signal. The end result is a much
cleaner music signal with a larger dynamic range and lower distortion.
The unique and patented Hegel
SoundEngine audio technology is combining the advantage of class
AB-amplifier and the advantage of class A-amplifiers, without having the
draw backs of class A and class AB-amplifier technologies. The
SoundEngine Technology will cancel crossover distortion found in all
types of class-AB amplifiers. The human ear is very sensitive to high
frequency distortion components in the music signal. The Hegel
SoundEngine technology will cancel high frequency distortion components
found in normal types of audio amplifiers. The Hegel SoundEngine
technology is not using any kind of global negative feedback, it is
using local and adaptive feed forward technology if there should ever be
any need for cancellation of distortion within the audio amplifier
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