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Yamaha Adaptor Wifi Yamaha YWA-10

399,00 RON
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Tip Extern
Interfata USB
Fara fir da


Frecvența de operare  2,4 GHz
802.11b  Da
802.11g  Da
802.11n  Da
802.11ac  Nu

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Wireless Network AdapterThe Yamaha YWA-10 wireless network adapter can be used to connect a
Yamaha network AV receiver to a wireless home network. The YWA-10
connects to the Ethernet port on the back of your Yamaha network
receiver and communicates directly with your wireless router. It's
powered by the DC out jack or USB port of the receiver, so there is no
need to take up an additional electrical outlet. The YWA-10 even has a
second Ethernet output that can be used to provide network access to
another device such as a smart TV or Blu-ray Disc player. Main Features
IEEE 802.11b/g/n compatible
Auto setup by WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)
Manual setup by PC
Two LAN ports to support up to two network products
Power supply via USB from certain Yamaha modelsDimensions and Weight
3-1/8 x 2-3/4 x 7/8
0.1 lbs. Compatible Models
Compatible with all network devices with an Ethernet/LAN output and
USB port for power. Includes, but not limited to, the following:HTR-4066
TSR-6750WA (YWA-10 included)
RX-A730, RX-A830, RX-A1030, RX-A2030, RX-A3030
RX-V475, RX-V575, RX-V675, RX-V775WA (YWA-10 is included with the RX-V775WA)
HTR-4065, HTR-7065
RX-A720, RX-A820, RX-A1020, RX-A2020, RX-A3020
RX-V473, RX-V573, RX-V673, RX-V773 (YWA-10 is included in the RX-V773WA)
RX-V671, RX-V871
RX-A710, RX-A810, RX-A1010, RX-A2010, RX-A3010
RX-A1000, RX-A2000, RX-A3000
RX-Z11, RX-V3900, RX-Z7, RX-V2065[Notice]
*Power to the YWA-10 is supplied when the connected receiver is powered on.
*Power to the YWA-10 can be supplied when the connected AV receiver is
in the off position, only if the AV receiver Network Standby mode is set
to on. (Except for the RX-V 71 Series or AVENTAGE RX-A 10 Series. )Example of Connection
YWA-10 allows Yamaha AV products equipped with a network port and a DC out jack (USB) to be connected with a wireless LAN. Power Requirements
The YWA-10 can be powered via USB from certain Yamaha models. If
your Yamaha model does not have an available USB port, the wireless
adapter can also be powered by a 5 V / 0.5 A USB power supply (similar
to the wall/USB charger shipped with most mobile phones). Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products allow you to mix and
match devices, makes setting up your network quick and easy and lets you
choose the latest and greatest features and applications.
WIFI PROTECTED SETUP Wi-Fi Protected Setup is an optional
certification program from the Wi-Fi Alliance that is designed to ease
the task of setting up and configuring security on wireless local area
networks. Introduced by the Wi-Fi Alliance in early 2007, the program
provides an industry-wide set of network setup solutions for homes and
small office (SOHO) environments. Wi-Fi Protected Setup enables typical
users who possess little understanding of traditional Wi-Fi
configuration and security settings to automatically configure new
wireless networks, add new devices and enable security. More than 200
products have been Wi-Fi CERTIFIED for Wi-Fi Protected Setup since the
program was launched in January 2007.
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