Pioneer AVIC-F920BT

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Pioneer DVD player auto cu navigatie Pioneer AVIC-F920BT

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Descrierea produsului
Disc player Da
Format  2 DIN
Marime ecran 6.1"
Touchscreen Da
Putere maxima 4 x 50 W
Intrare AUX Da
Iesire RCA Da
DivX  Da
Port USB Da
Bluetooth  Da
Cititor de carduri Da
Radio Da

Formate de disk-uri suportate

CD player Da
DVD player Da

Codecuri audio suportate

MP3 Da

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Main Features

Simultaneous Navigation and AV Entertainment (+)Yes

Always be guided - no matter if you're listening to music, the radio or your passengers are watching a film on optional screens. Once you input your destination, our Sat Nav systems will continue guiding you, no matter the source.

Touch Screen OperationYes

Screen Size6.1-inch high resolution WVGA screen

Bluetooth (+)Yes

Bluetooth is an industrial specification that provides a way to connect and exchange information between devices such as mobile phones, PCs, printers, digital music devices and game consoles over a secure, globally unlicensed short-range radio frequency.
Bluetooth offers you the convenience of true wireless in car communication, without having to hook up your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to any other hands-free kit, headgear or earpiece.

All the models in our Bluetooth range include a microphone.

Customisable Key and Display Illumination (+)Yes

Match the button and display illumination with your car’s interior. Our NavGate systems all feature a full RGB (Red, Green and Blue) colour palette, so you can customise and match the system illumination as you like.

Multi-Sensor Navigation (+)Yes

Good sat nav systems depend on a multitude of information from a number of sources; not just GPS signals.

The 3D Gyro Sensor, which connects to the Speedpulse wire of your car, allows the system to take measurements in three directions: height (up or down), speed (distance) and direction (left or right), as well as calculate inclines, and detect distinctive road features such as tunnels, to pinpoint your driving position with the highest possible level of accuracy.

It’s particularly important, for example, when your GPS signal is hindered; when you’re driving through a tunnel or are parked in an underground parking lot. Because there are multiple sensors, our system always knows where you are.

PlaysYour CD and DVD collection (including CD-R/-RW, DVD-R/-RW discs)
MP3, WMA, iTunes (AAC) and WAV music on CD, DVD, microSD card and USB
JPEG photos (for personalising your start-up screen)
MPEG4, WMV, H. 264 video on microSD card and USB
DivX files on CD and DVD
Your iPod and iPhone via the optional CD-IU50V cable
Your USB device via a rear input
Other AV devices via the rear auxillary input

DVD Region Code2


Voice GuidanceYes

Text-to-Speech Voice Guidance (+)Yes

Text-to-Speech Capability (TTS) audibly announces city names on your journey.
This makes following directions easier, as you can clearly understand the voice guidance instructions when real place names are used.
This feature is available in 13 languages including:



Installation Type2-DIN, in-dash

Anti-Theft Protection (+)Yes

Our Double-DIN systems feature an anti-theft protection system. If the system, once installed, is ever disconnected from the battery, a password needs to be entered to unlock the system and enable operation.

When you first install your system, you have the opportunity to set this password.

For our single-DIN system, the front facia panel is removable as a security measure.

Compatible Cars

Compatible CarsAny car with a 2-DIN slot

Navigation Features

Map TypePre-installed on built-in flash memory

Navigation Coverage (+)44 European countries ('connector roads' for 9 countries), covering 9 million kilometres of road

The map coverage for our line up of sat nav systems includes the whole of Europe, with no less than 9 million kilometres across 44 countries.
Owners of earlier NavGate models can upgrade your map content by purchasing a map update.
Coverage areas include:





The Netherlands

Czech Republic
The Vatican


San Marino
UK (incl. N. Ireland)


as well as connector roads for:



Bosnia and Herzegovina

Points of Interest (POI) (+)6 million

A Point of Interest, or POI, is a specific location that you may find useful or interesting during your journey.
Points of Interest are places like hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, tourist venues, parking lots; even cash machines.
Our sat nav systems have a large amount of POI’s stored in memory.

NavGate Feeds Custom POI Creator (+)Yes (iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia S60 applications also available)

Put simply, NavGate Feeds allows you to fully customise and enhance your sat nav system to your own driving requirements, allowing you to:

Create your own POIs such as sports clubs, shopping locations and golf clubs from the internet, and add them to your sat nav system. Virtually any location, such as camping grounds, ski resorts, stadiums or tourist destinations, can be created as points of interest. You simply make a note of the address details in a CSV format file and NavGate Feeds searches for them via a web search, converting the data so it can be read by your sat nav system.

Create driving reports, particularly useful if you need to calculate your travel expenses in a given period, this application will keep track and provide you with an overview of all the journeys you’ve made and the number of kilometres travelled.

You can also see how economically you have been driving. Eco Drive gives you an evaluation of your acceleration and brake data and also calculates your CO2 emissions. You can then view a graphical representation of this data on your PC. (only on selected models)

NavGate Feeds is available for your PC, iPhone or smartphone and you can download it for free. Simply create an account and register your NavGate system.

TMC Traffic Info Receiver (+)Yes

TMC stands for Traffic Messaging Channel.

Our system’s TMC receiver keeps you updated on current traffic events and suggest alternative routes.

In countries where real-time TMC traffic information is broadcast (see the list below), the system indicates the traffic events on a map within a range of 150 kilometres and presents you with an alternative route in order to avoid the traffic event.

A special menu function lists all the current traffic events in the area and even sorts them by distance or event.

To see which countries TMC is available in, please visit the TMC website.

ECO DriveYes

Voice Guidance Languages18 languages supported: UK English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Flemish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Polish, Greek, Finnish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish

Menu Languages17 languages supported: UK English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Polish, Greek, Finnish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish

Drag & Drop Menu Setting (+)Yes

Create your own short cut menu which can act as your home menu.

This makes it easier to access you most frequently-used functions. Simply drag and drop icons into your menu to act as a quick link to these functions.

Bluetooth Features

Parrot Bluetooth Module (+)Yes

A Parrot Bluetooth Module will enable the connection between your Pioneer receiver or navigation system to almost any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

It also enables you to download upgrades for your receiver or navigation system from the ‘Support;’ section of our website (if you change phones, for example).

Hands Free CallingYes

Music StreamingYes

Additional Bluetooth FeaturesPhone book transfer
1000 entries for each user (up to 5 users)
External microphone included

iPod Compatibility

iPod Ready (+)Yes, via optional CD-IU50V cable

Plug in and play your iPod.

Using an optional cable or adapter (check the product features on the product page to see which one you’ll need), you can connect your iPod directly to your system.

Works with iPhoneYes

Compatible Generations (+)From September 2005 onwards

For your ease of reference, here is a list of the iPod Generations we refer to:

Apple Product

Generation / Release Date

Firwmare version

iPhone 3G

September 2008



November 2007


iPod Touch (Generation 2)

September 2008

2.1. 1

iPod Touch (Generation 1)

September 2007

1.1. 5

iPod Classic - 120GB

September 2008

2.0. 0

iPod Classic - 80GB, 160GB

September 2007

1.1. 2

iPod Nano (Generation 4)

September 2008

1.0. 2

iPod Nano (Generation 3)

September 2007

1.1. 3

iPod Nano (Generation 2)

September 2006

1.3. 1

iPod Nano (Generation 1)

September 2005

1.3. 1

iPod Video (Generation 5)

October 2005

1.3. 0

iPod Click Wheel (Generation 4)

July 2004

1.2. 1

iPod Dock Connector (Generation 3)

April 2003

2.3. 0

iPod Photo

October 2004


iPod Mini

January 2004

1.4. 1

* Pioneer cannot guarantee the future compatibility of our products with any iPod (or iPod firmware update) which is released after the Pioneer product release.
* The compatibility information is based on the above-mentioned firmware version.
* iPod shuffle is not supported. Only iPods with a "30-pin Dock Connector" are connectable.

Supported FunctionsBattery charging
List browsing
Music playback
Video playback
Album art transfer

MusicSphere (+)Yes

MusicSphere is a unique iTunes plug-in that matches your music to your mood.

When installed, MusicSphere analyses your entire iPod, iPod Touch, or iPhone music library and creates specialised playlists based on various musical attributes such as:

feeling (bright, energetic, gloomy, relaxing, calm),
rhythm pattern,
Beats Per Minute (BPM),
year of the song or
date added to the device.

Once your iPod, iPhone or iPod Touch device has been synced with the MusicSphere playlists and is connected to one of our 2010 NavGate systems, up to 40 specialised playlists can be accessed through an animated 3D sphere which can be rotated up, down, left and right with a slight touch of the screen.


RCA AV Input1 rear-in

RCA AV Rear Output1

RCA Pre-Outs (+)3 (F + R + S/W)

RCA pre-outs enable you to easily expand your sound system. Depending on whether your NavGate unit comes with 1 or 3 RCA pre-outs, you can customise your sound system with separate amplifiers for the front speakers, the rear speakers and/or the subwoofer.

The RCA pre-outs let you create the exact sound you want, with the focus on complete flexibility.

SD Card InputYes (MicroSD input)

Aux. In1 rear-in

USB InputYes (rear input cable included)

Reverse Camera InputYes, for ND-BC4 or ND-BC20PA rear cameras

Direct Sub DriveYes

Hard Wired Remote Ready (+)Yes

This means that you can connect the system directly to your car's own steering wheel remote control. Look for the accessory matching your car to set this up.


MOSFET 50 W x 4 AmplifierYes

Equaliser7-band Graphic Equaliser

Sound RetrieverYes

Advanced Audio FeaturesHigh quality power line capacitator for stable power supply
Rounded audio signal pattern for noise reduction
Advanced sound staging
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