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Midbass: 5.25-inch woven aramid-fiber cone with oversized magnet and vented pole piece
Tweeter: 1-inch clothdome with custom deep-spheroid waveguideELAC Debut B5
Marking the entry point into the world of
ELAC loudspeakers: The compact B5 is a game-changer that embodies the
philosophy of lifelike sound with exceptional authenticity. Despite
its affordable price, it exceeds all expectations with ease.
Andrew Jones-Designed ELAC Debut B5 Bookshelf Loudspeaker Offers Performance That Backs Up Best-Value Boasts
Nearly every speaker company likes to proclaim that its
products offer the best value in the field, but no manufacturer has
created the likes of the ultra-affordable ELAC Debut B5 bookshelf
loudspeaker. The vision of legendary audio designer Andrew Jones, the
very same of TAD/Pioneer fame, Debut B5 supplies an elevated level of
audiophile sound at a price that turns high-end conventions on their
head. We could use fancy hyperbole to tell you about Debut B5's merits.
Instead, we'll let this two-way bass-reflex overachiever and its
features do the talking. Jones-designed custom drivers, 5.25-inch woven
aramid-fiber woofers with oversized magnets and vented pole pieces, a
custom seven-element crossover, and a deep-spheroid custom waveguide
provide performance that belies Debut B5's compact size. Not to mention
the expertise, acumen, and cutting-edge engineering skills wrought by
A rarity in the high end. It's little, it's
vinyl-clad, and its cheap. And it packs more pure, honest musicality
into its modest bass-reflex cabinet than a $229 speaker has a right to.
What the team at ELAC has managed to wring from this most humble of
designs is nothing short of exceptional!
- The Absolute Sound, 2015 Product of the Year Award
Andrew Jones-Designed Drivers Match Intricate Crossover, Spheroid Waveguide
Andrew Jones custom-designed both the tweeter and bass
driver to deliver an exceptional audio experience that can't be
delivered with typical off-the-shelf parts. A custom crossover with
audio-grade components ensures smooth transition between drivers. In
addition, a custom-designed tweeter waveguide with a deep spheroid
profile improves directivity control and shields the tweeter wavefront
from cabinet diffraction.
Aramid-Fiber Cones Add Strength and Smoothness
Woven aramid fiber offers a superior stiffness-to-weight
ratio and damping over common polypropylene or paper cones. The added
strength allows more flexibility in design to achieve a smoother,
extended frequency response.
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