Namco Bandai Soul Calibur V (PS3) Software - jocuri

Namco Bandai Soul Calibur V (PS3) Software - jocuri

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PlatformaPlaystation 3
Categorie jocActiune

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There is nothing quite so satisfying as trouncing someone in a SoulCalibur  game. It’s one of the more comfortable-to-play fighting games on the market, boasting near-infinite replay value and a rather loyal fanbase.  The Soul  series is an exercise in calculating weapon range and fighter weight; the concept is impossible to misunderstand, and with the ability to select everything from Siegfried and his giant sword to nimble Taki with her more tightly arranged attacks, there is no limit to the amount of strategy that must be crammed into the player’s head. Of course, there is also something so visually satisfying about a 3D fighter in which batting your opponent back and forth across the screen requires frantic execution of multi-button combos faster than your heart can beat.
SoulCalibur V , the sixth installment in the series and the direct continuation of Sophitia’s saga from Soul Edge — now passed on to her children — is no exception to this frenetic fun, introducing new ways to fight while remaining true to the games’ more classic elements.
The game takes place seventeen years after the events of SoulCalibur IV and revolves around Patroklos and Pyrrha Alexandra,  progeny of series heroine Sophitia. Separated for seventeen years, Patroklos has set out to find his long-lost sister and destroy the malfested, humans infected by the cursed sword Soul Edge. He is told that Pyrrha is travelling with ring-blade wielder Tira, and as brother and sister come closer to their reunion, all hell breaks loose when Patroklos is chosen to wield Soul Calibur in the epic showdown between good and evil.
Story Mode progresses fairly quickly — unless, of course, you’re having trouble with the fights. Character introductions come out of nowhere, with the goal obviously being to cram as many playable characters as possible into the storyline without seeming too superfluous. These games are not exactly well-known for their story, but the team over at Project Soul does a good job of wrapping up the Alexandra family saga and running the gambit of fighters without being disgustingly random.
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