Codemasters Bodycount (PS3) Software - jocuri

Codemasters Bodycount (PS3) Software - jocuri

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PlatformaPlaystation 3

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Bodycount doesn't tell a gripping story. Bodycount puts a gun in your hands and gives you enough bullets to tear through anything and everything in your path. Bodycount succeeds some of the time in this endeavor, but like any dangerous  military  operation, things inevitably go wrong.

As an operative of the Network, you exist to solve problems that  governments  can't. When a violent war breaks out in Africa, you drop into the fray to help put out the fire. Along the way, you uncover the force behind it all: a rival corporation known as  the Target .

If the  developers  at Codemasters designed Bodycount with a gripping tale in mind, I'd call it a complete failure. Instead, Bodycount celebrates the chaos of  digital  weapons. It embraces the carnage of bullets eating through crates, walls, and explosive barrels alike. Almost everything in the environment bends and breaks to your terrible onslaught. If you see an enemy hiding behind a door, you can pepper  the door  with rounds and take him down before he steps outside. These same principles work in multiplayer as well, which supports competitive deathmatches and also a two-player survival mode.

The destruction in Bodycount satisfies. To fully enjoy it, you'll need to acclimate to a stiff, unusual aiming system. When looking down the sights, your operative locks in place and dynamic, side-to-side  leaning  replaces character movement. Squeezing  the iron  sights trigger halfway will give you fine aiming and movement together, but controlled trigger pressure like that doesn't make for an easy firefight.

I thought I'd hate the aiming in Bodycount when I first snagged the controller, but by the end of the campaign I adapted completely. I  shouldn't  have to adapt to stiff aiming, but at least I could. I didn't adapt, however, to the grenade mechanics, which are unreliable at best. Grenades get caught on the environment when it looks like you have a clear  throwing  path. Explosives at your feet never helps things, I can assure you.

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