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Descrierea produsului
Numar canale3.1
Blu-Ray 3D Nu
Redare Blu-Ray Nu
Redare DVDNu
Redare CDNu
Suport HDMI-CEC Nu


Putere RMS 400 W
Putere difuzor central100 W
Putere subwoofer100 W

Formate suportate

Redare DivX Nu
Redare XviD Nu
Redare MP3Nu
Redare JPG Nu


Iesire componentNu
Iesire compositDa
Iesire ScartNu
Intrare audio digitala (Optica)Da
Intrare audio digitala (Coaxial)Da
Iesire AUXNu

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Home cinema you can rely on.
Here’s a powerful home cinema system for a compelling viewing experience. The receiver is conveniently integrated in the subwoofer.

Equipped with an HDMI repeater, a single HDMI cable is all you need to transfer both HD video and audio digitally to your flat screen TV. And with HDMI v1.4a, the system is ready for 3D content.

The internal decoding of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Audio allows you to enjoy rich sound that complements the images on screen.

Measuring the sound field with the provided microphone, an advanced Multi Channel Acoustic Calibration (MCACC) system creates the ideal acoustic environment.

The Front Stage Surround Advance function enables you to create natural surround sound effects using just the front speakers and the subwoofer.

A convenient iPod Digital USB connection provides direct plug-and-play enjoyment of all tracks and videos stored on your iPod or iPhone, without needing a docking station.

The HTP-SB510 is equipped with a convenient bar-style speaker that is a great addition to your flat screen tv.  
    Specificatii tehnice: Total Output Power 400W . Speakers Surround sound bar with subwoofer receiver . System Receiver System . 3D Capable Yes . Deep Colour (+) Yes . Deep Colour ensures that all colour transitions and gradients are reproduced with the highest level of precision. It enables increased contrast ratio, eliminates on-screen colour banding (for smooth tonal transitions and subtle gradations between colours) and can represent many times more shades of gray between black and white. So what you see is as natural and lifelike as possible. . HDMI Yes . USB Yes . iPod Ready Yes . HD Audio Formats Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Audio . MCACC (+) Yes . MCACC stands for Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System. It's an automatic sound field adjustment system that enables you to precision-tune your system to your living room, just like a sound professional, but with minimum effort. A microphone monitors the sound environment and an equaliser (either 5 or 9-band, depending on which model of amplifier you have) optimally adjusts the sound parameters. The result sounds like a professional recording engineer has fine-tuned your amplifier or home cinema system. MCACC was created as a joint effort between ourselves and professional sound engineers at AIR Studios; it's unique to Pioneer, so you won't find it on any other products. See how MCACC works . . RDS Tuner (FM) (+) Yes . This convenient function of RDS with EON can switch the tuner automatically to a station on a network the moment it starts broadcasting your specified type of programming - even while you are listening to another source such as LD, radio, CD or cassette, etc. . Power Consumption (in use / standby) (+) 61W / 0.60W . Caring for the environment is important. It's why we are a Sustainable Energy Partner of the European Commission. What this means is that we've committed to reduce power consumption in standby modes. The less energy we consume, the better for the environment. For more information, visit our Sustainable Energy information page... Surround SoundDolby Pro Logic Surround II (+) Yes . A matrix decoding system that extracts 5.1 channel surround sound from a variety of sound sources, including 2-channel sources such as Stereo TV broadcasts, video tapes and CDs. Pro Logic II uses matrix decoding to put the surround rear channels in stereo and covers the full frequency range during playback, radical improvements over Pro Logic. . Dolby Digital (+) Yes . The current surround sound quality decoding standard, Dolby Digital means movie theatre sound performance for a home cinema. The listener will be wrapped in surround sound by 5.1-channel audio sound compression technology. Depending on the speakers, the front left and right, centre, rear left and right speakers can span frequencies from 20 Hz - 20 kHz and there is a dedicated subwoofer channel for additional low frequency sound effects. Extra features mean not only stunning soundtracks but also additional language tracks on one disc. . Dolby Digital Plus Yes . Dolby TrueHD Yes . DTS (+) Yes . DTS 5.1-channel playback decoding technology has rapidly gained popularity thanks to its dynamic sound impact that flies at the listener from left, right and centre surround speakers. Open up the doors of digital home cinema and super surround sound with any Pioneer DVD-Video player and A/V amplifier/receiver which can handle DTS and DTS ES encoded digital audio data streams. . DTS 96/24 Yes . DTS-ES Yes . DTS Neo:6 Yes . Surround Modes (+) 9 Advanced Surround Modes (Action, Unplugged, Sports, Advanced Game, Drama, Entertainment Show, Classical, Rock/Pop, Extended Stereo)4 Surround Modes (Auto, Standard Decode, Stereo Downmix, Auto Level Control)8 Stereo Surround Modes (Auto, Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Pro Logic II Movie, Dolby Pro Logic II Music, Dolby Pro Logic II Game, Neo:6 Cinema/Music, Stereo Off, Auto Level Control)(Some of these supported surround modes will require the additional S-SWR5CR speaker set) . Advanced Movie:Reproduces a mid-sized movie theatre environment. Advanced Music:Simulates the acoustic environment of a large concert hall. Expanded:This mode is especially designed to give sound depth to stereo sources. The overall effect builds a dynamic and broad sound space, allowing two-channel (stereo) signals to imitate a five speaker sound. Use with Dolby Pro Logic for a stereo surround effect. You can also use with Dolby Digital sources for a wider stereo field than the Surround modes. Sports mode:Sports lovers will want to use this mode when watching their favourite game. It gives you the impression that you're at the statium, in the middle of the action. TV Surround:You can use this mode to give surround sound to mono or stereo TV audio sources. Phones Surround:This is very similar to the Virtual Surround mode, and is available when you're listening through headphones to create an overall surround sound effect. 5-Channel Stereo:This can be selected to give powerful multi-speaker sound to a stereo source with equal power delivered to all the speakers. It is especially suited to music sources with deep bass and a strong rhythmic feel. Virtual Surround:When you select this mode, you will hear a surround sound effect produced from the two front speakers only. When selected, you won't hear any sound from the other speakers in your system. Virtual Surround Back:The Virtual Surround Back effect simulates 6.1 surround channel listening, giving the impression that there is a surround back speaker in your system when listening to a 5.1 channel source. Dialogue Enhancement:With Dialogue Enhancement mode, centre channel sounds appear to project from the TV, i. e. at ear level, for enhanced dialogue reproduction... AudioAuto Level Control (+) Yes . Auto Level Control compensates for volume fluctuations between songs or sources, ensuring that what you hear is played back at a constant volume. . Bass/Treble Tone Control Yes . Front Stage Surround Advance (+) Yes . By simply placing your speakers directly beside your TV screen and activating the unique Front Stage Surround Advance feature, you can experience a virtual surround sound environment. The benefit here is that you don’t have to worry about routingspeaker cables around your room; your speakers can be placed up front. . LipSync Yes . Loudness Yes . Midnight Listening Mode (+) Yes . If others are sleeping or studying, trying to enjoy a program quietly shouldn't compromise such sound qualities as surround effects or dialogue clarity. Midnight Listening Mode is the solution. It adjusts subwoofer, rear and centre speaker levels, while enhancing delay and compressing dynamic range, for greater enjoyment of cinema-like sound at low volume. . Phase Control Yes . Sound Retriever (+) Yes . The Sound Retriever function enhances compressed music formats, such as MP3, WMA or AAC and restores the music dynamics to CD-sound quality. Sound Retriever essentially restores the music dynamics to your digital music. The benefit is that you can enjoy your digital music without loss of audio quality; the system automatically enhances and restores rich sound. . Advanced Sound Retriever (+) Yes . The Advanced Sound Retriever function enhances compressed music formats, such as MP3, WMA or AAC and restores the music dynamics and harmonics to CD-sound quality. The benefit is that you can enjoy your digital music without loss of audio quality; the system automatically enhances and restores rich sound... TerminalsMain Unit Terminals 3 x HDMI in, 1 x HDMI out, 1 x RCA Audio in, 4 x AV in, 2 x Optical in, 1 x Coaxial in, 1 x USB/iPod in, 2 x Composite out, 2 x RCA Audio out, 2 x Surround Back Preout (L, R), 6 x Spring-type Terminals . . Specifications - SpeakersFront Satellite Type Sound bar . Front Satellite Dimensions (W x H x D) 800 x 57 x 85 mm . Front Satellite Weight 2,00 kg . Subwoofer Dimensions (W x H x D) 230 x 360.5 x 422.5 mm . Subwoofer Weight 11,00 kg . . AmplifierRMS Front 100W (1kHz, 10%THD, 4Ù) . RMS Surround RMS Surround 100W (1kHz, 10%THD, 4Ù) . RMS Centre 100W Dual (1kHz, 10%THD, 4Ù) . RMS Subwoofer 100W (100Hz, 10%THD, 4Ù) . . Specifications - SystemRemote Preset . Display Fluorescent display with 4-step dimmer . Power Requirements AC 220 - 240V, 50/60 Hz .
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