AirLive WLA-9000 Router

AirLive WLA-9000

AirLive WLA-9000 Router

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Descrierea produsului

Hardware Design de mare putere , 23dBm putere medie , pentru a extinde aria de acoperire wireless Interfata wireless duala 11a, 11a/b/g + 11a care opereaza simultan.
 802.11h TPC & DFS
 Moduri suportate: Super A/G(Atheros)
 In conformitate cu RoHS
 In conformitate cu IEEE 802.3af (PoE)
 8MB Flash, 32MB SDRAM
 Suporta Poe pe portul LANAntena 2 dBi x 2 antena omni detasabila
 Conector R-SMAGama frecventelor WLAN1(Radio 1)- 802.11a : 5.15 to 5.825 GHz WLAN2 (Radio 2)- 802.11b/g:2.412~2.472GHz- 802.11a : 5.15 to 5.825 GHzCanale pentru frecvente WLAN1(Radio 1)- 802.11a - USA (FCC) : 12
- Europe (ETSI) : 19 WLAN2(Radio 2)- 802.11b/g - USA (FCC) : 11
- Europe (ETSI) : 13- 802.11a - USA (FCC) : 12
- Europe (ETSI) : 19Alimentare Adaptor de alimentare extern (Standard)- input 100~240Vac/50~60Hz , output 5.5V/2.5A
 Adaptor PoE (Power over Ethernet) 48V/0.4A (Optional)Tehnologi e modulara IEEE802.11a 5GHz OFDM
 IEEE802.11b 2.4GHz CCK
 IEEE802.11g 2.4GHz OFDM
 Mod Super A/G (Atheros) 802.11a (ortogonal)Rata de transfer Wireless 802.11b: 1, 2, 5.5, 11Mbps
 802.11g: 1, 2, 5.5, 11, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54Mbps
 802.11a: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54MbpsPutere de transmitere 802.11a- 54 Mbps @ 17dBm
- 48 Mbps @ 18dBm
- 36 Mbps @ 19 dBm
- 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 Mbps @ 23 dBm 802.11g- 54 Mbps @ 19dBm
- 48 Mbps @ 20dBm
- 36 Mbps @ 21 dBm
- 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 Mbps @ 23 dBmRSSI 802.11a- 6Mbps  @ -92 dBm
- 9Mbps  @ -89 dBm
- 12Mbps @ -88 dBm
- 18Mbps @ -86 dBm
- 24Mbps @ -82 dBm
- 36Mbps @ -79 dBm
- 48Mbps @ -73dBm
- 54Mbps @ -71dBm 802.11g- 6Mbps  @ -90 dBm
- 9Mbps  @ -88 dBm
- 12Mbps @ -88 dBm
- 18Mbps @ -86 dBm
- 24Mbps @ -82 dBm
- 36Mbps @ -79 dBm
- 48Mbps @ -75dBm
- 54Mbps @ -73dBmSoftware Wi-Fi, WPA interoperabilitate compatibila
 Support WDS Bridge Mode, Client Mode, AP Mode pe interfata fiecarui mod de functionare predefinit.
 Suporta Cilent Isolation.
 Suporta SNMP v1/v2
 Suporta ajustare putere de alimentare.
 Setare timp de asteptare ACK
 Limitare Utilizator (Static Load Balancing)
 Ping Watchdog
 Posibilitatea de a avea SSID-uri multiple, VLAN, QoSWPA cu suport PSK/TKIP/AES , suport WPA2
 Suport 152-bit WEP (Atheros)
 Suporta Mod Super A/G (Atheros)
 Protectie Bootloader si incarcare de urgenta a codului de firmware in bootloader.
 Radius Support
 Control P2P BandwidthCertificat FCC, CEGreutate 341 g (Fara Antene)Marime 191 x 145.5 x 29 mm

1 x 108Mbps 11a Radio + 1 x 108Mbps 11a/b/g Radio*
802.3af PoE port**
Up to 23dBm Output power in 11a mode
Operate in 2.4GHz and 5GHz
Multi-mode AP functions
3 LAN ports
802.11h TPC and DFS compliant

The WLA-9000AP is a dream device for WISP to build their wireless networks. The AP features 2 Atheros 11a/b/g radios that run in 5Ghz or 2.4GHz frequency band. Moreover, it provides hi-power at 11a mode for extra long distance application. There is an intergraded 802.3af POE port to let you run the AP at up to 100 meter distance away from the power source. Advanced software functions such as 14 wireless modes, Wireless Duplexing, Bandwidth Control, Multiple SSID&VLAN, SNMP. Dual 11a or A+G Capabilities

The WLA-9000AP is equipped with 2 high-powered Atheros radios that can run in Dual 11a mode or A+G mode. Unlike Competitor's solution that can only run A+G mode (1 radio run in 11a and 1 radio run in 11g), . the WLA-9000AP's Radio 1 runs in the 11a 5GHz mode while the radio 2 runs at the 11a/b/g dual band mode. This combines with AirLive sophisticated 14-mode firmware makes the WLA-9000AP suitable for all the dual radio applications.

108Mbps Hi-Power 11a/g Radio + 3 LAN Ports
AirLive adds high power amplifier to run the AP at 23dBm in 11a and 11g modes(200mW), that's 4 times the output power of normal 11a radio(50mW). Furthermore, the WLA-9000AP supports SuperA, SuperG and Turbo modes for 108mbps operations. In addition, 3 programmable LAN/WAN ports are available for multi-mode AP/Router configuration.

Wireless Duplexing Mode
Under the wireless duplexing mode, the WLA-9000AP is capable of combining the 2 radios into one single high speed link. This mean when you are 2 WLA-9000AP linking together, it can go as high as 60Mbps real thoroughpput in Duplex Super-A mode, that’s 3 times faster than normal 11a/g link! It is perfect for use in wireless backbone application. Please click the flash below to see details explanation and configurations.

14 Wireless Operation Modes
The WLA-9000AP can operate in multiple wireless modes for different application environments. Up to 14 Wireless Operation Modes are available.

802.3af PoE Port
WLA-9000AP is equipped with an 802.3af Power Over Ethernet port. Therefore, you do not need a separate POE Splitter. When used with the optional POE adapter and DC Injector, it can operate at up to 100 meter away from the power source. Standard DC power adapter is provided for non-POE application.

Multiple SSID and TAG VLAN
WLA-9000AP provides Multiple-SSID function to create different wireless networks using one AP. Each SSID can have its own encryption policy. The TAG VLAN feature allows service provider to control service content of each SSID network all the way back to core router. Together with the built-in WMM priority, it is possible to create different wireless networks with different priority levels across a large network.

Bandwidth Control
WLA-9000AP provides capability to control each user’s bandwidth individually. It can control either Total Bandwidth or Each IP/MAC Bandwidth. Therefore, the WISP operators can offer different class of connection speeds for different subscription fees - just like the ADSL service!

The WLA-9000AP has additional features such as Site Survey wizard to make client and bridge connection easier. It is the most featured rich and high performance access point in the market.

* Radio 1(WLAN1) works in 11a (5GHz) mode only. Radio2 (WLAN2) works in either 11a(5GHz) or 11b/g(2.4GHz) mode** Optional POE adapter and DC Injector might be requiredSpecification
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