KingSound KS-H3 Casti

KingSound KS-H3 Casti

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Descrierea produsului
Tip casti Portabile pe cap
Transfer de date Cablu
Frecventa min. 6 Hz
Frecventa max. 46000 Hz
Sensibilitate 116 dB
Greutate 420 g

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The electrostatic speaker is very simple in concept, but difficult to build successful in practice. The operation is based on the electrostatic attraction and repulsion, the same way that a piece of thin paper is attracted by a balloon that is charged by friction. The ultra-thin membrane of electrically charged conductive film is stretched and placed in proximity between two metal grids. When a high voltage audio signal is applied to the metal grid, the diaphragm moves toward the gate in response to the signal, at this time, has an opposite charge and is away from the gate that has the same charge as the membrane. The diaphragm reacts in a substantially linear manner, producing sound waves which are a very accurate reproduction of the original sound. Why is it better? Imagine a normal loudspeaker from which the sound waves produced on a large scatter angle. This causes a rapid decrease in the volume and sound quality in a short distance. So imagine an electrostatic flat panel produce sounds the same input signal. This time, the sound waves are produced on a large, flat surface and therefore have little diffraction. Therefore the volume decreases less over the same distance. The electrostatic stereo system is the ultimate in audio reproduction. A professional monitoring system whose distortion is minimal. It literally pushes the limits of the most sophisticated instruments in the world that attempt to measure its performance. It is an experience that few can approach stereo systems. The result is an ultra-wide frequency response across the range with real power that others can only envy. Specifications: Frequency Response: 6Hz - 46kHz Impedance: 113kOmega; (10kHz) Maximum output level: 116dB Yield: 109dB Electrostatic capacity: 140pF Voltage: 550 Vdc Physical characteristics: Dimensions (in mm): Weight: 0.460kg
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