Seagate Laptop SSHD 2.5" 500GB 5400rpm 64MB SATA3 ST500LM000

Seagate Laptop SSHD 2.5" 500GB 5400rpm 64MB SATA3 ST500LM000

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Descrierea produsului
Capacitate hard disk500 GB
Viteza de rotatie 5400 rpm
Buffer 64 MB
Hard disk laptop Da


Latime69.8 mm
Inaltime7 mm
Adancime100 mm
Greutate110 g

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Hdd laptop  SATA 2.5 inch  500GB, 64MB Laptop SSHD Thin ST500LM000 SEAGATEModel NumberPackageCapacitySpindle Speed (RPM)Areal DensityMaximum Operating ShockStorage TypeLengthWidthHeightTypical WeightAFROperating TemperatureAverage Operating PowerST500LM000Drive Only500GB5400RPM705350GsSolid State Hybrid100.35mm69.85mm7.0mm95g0.48%60°C2 . 9WPerforms like an SSDSSHDs use Seagate flash management technology to deliver SSD-like performance. Testing consistently shows that Seagate Laptop SSHDs compare favourably to SSDs—without sacrificing capacity. More about SSHD technology in FAST Storage >SSD + HDD – The best of both worlds. Seagate Laptop SSHDs integrate NAND flash solid-state storage with traditional hard drive storage, creating a laptop drive with the speed of solid state and the capacity of a hard drive. No need to compromise performance over capacityInstalls and works like a typical hard driveUnmatched data integrity and reliability by maximising the strengths of both flash and hard drive storagePerformance optimised by Seagate Adaptive Memory technologyMore Adaptive Memory featuresSSHD is affordable. SSHDs fuse the strength of SSD and HDD into one affordable and powerful device. You do not have to compromise capacity over performance anymore. With an SSHD, you can have it all. It is the latest and most affordable way to maximise every penny you invest in your PC. More Laptop SSHD featuresEasy, low-cost HDD laptop upgradeSSHD provides a great way to breath new life into an older laptop computer. Get performance you never thought possible from your old systemThe most cost-effective way to increase performance in your PC or MAC system. Easy DIY laptop upgrade solutions availableLearn how to upgrade a laptop >Do MoreHow to Upgrade a Laptop Hard Drive with Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) TechnologyMake your computer scream by upgrading to a SSHD for blazing speeds and high capacity. MoreDo MoreNAND Flash Supply MarketUS$750B+ Investment Needed for SSD to Replace US$30B HDD BusinessMoreTech InsightSolid State Hybrid Drives: Speed, Capacity and AffordabilityThe faster you deliver digital fuel to the microprocessor, the faster your computer performsMoreTech InsightAdaptive Memory Technology in Solid State Hybrid DrivesAdaptive Memory in laptops: fast boot time and data integrityMore
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