Yamaha CD-S3000

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High-rigidity drive mechanism and innovative circuit design for loss-less audio.
Breaks through to the ultimate in audio reproductionmdash;and the very essence of music.
Introducing Yamahaprime;s highest class CD Playermdash;the CD-S3000. Optimised High-precision Rigid CD Mechanism with heavy anchors improves vibration control and achieves precise signal readingHigh rigidity aluminium CD trayHigh rigidity main chassis improves anti-vibration properties and left-right symmetrical constructionIndependent configuration of digital and analogue circuitsDigital/analogue boards with integrated power supply circuitsSingle-stage configuration I/V conversion circuit enables direct analogue outputExceptionally high performance 32-bit D/A converterBuilt-in USB DAC functionsASIO 2.3 Yamaha Steinberg USB DriverPure Direct Mode further enhances the quality of analogue soundThe CD-S3000 was created with meticulous care to ensure rigidity with
superior vibration control properties and ultra-precise readingmdash;to draw
out all the music recorded to the disc. We incorporated a newly
designed drive mechanism with added heavy anchors for Yamahaprime;s own
original loader mechanism. Installing it on the chassis through the
heavy anchors in front of and behind the loader mechanism achieves the
highest rigidity and blocks the effects of vibrations from outside. At
the same time, it also prevents vibration caused by rotation of the disc
from affecting the circuit board. The anchor on the front features two
layers and a screw-based adjustment mechanism. This allows for highly
precise adjustment of the horizontal level of the front-back and
left-right sides of the loader mechanism. Each CD-S3000 unit is
assembled by first attaching the drive mechanism to the chassis, then
carefully performing minute horizontal adjustments. While this process
is time-consuming and labor-intensive, it demonstrates Yamahaprime;s genuine
desire to realise the ultimate in precise signal reading. These efforts
eliminate any minute tilting of the mechanism, achieving stable rotation
and ultra-precise signal reading. Reducing the load of the servo which
drives the pickup, in order to minimise the impact of servo current
changes to the signal, provides a clean signal output that is virtually
unaffected by noise. In addition, the loader mechanism has a structure
in which a highly rigid chassis designed for integration with the loader
mechanism supports the entire CD drive. Moreover, weprime;ve applied only
the strictest selection of parts for the pickup, which aims a beam of
light at the disc as it rotates at high speed to read the signals, and a
drive mechanism which stably rotates the disc. This is how audio data
on the disc is read with high precision to achieve the highest purity in
reproduction. High rigidity aluminium CD tray
The CD tray is made of high rigidity aluminium, reducing secondary
vibrations due to resonance of the disc and the high-speed motor
rotating the disc, resulting in improved audio signal-reading precision
and quieter operation. In addition to the smart design and luxurious
texture, weprime;ve fine-tuned the opening/closing action by adding a
specially designed meshed wire drive, achieving smoother and gentler
operation. We obsessively strove to give the unit a luxurious operating
feel that perfectly matches the superior sound quality. High rigidity main chassis improves anti-vibration properties and left-right symmetrical construction
The main chassis, which supports the loader mechanism, was also made
as strong as possible, and reinforcing each part improved the rigidity
of the chassis itself. Moreover, the front panel is made of 7mm thick
aluminium, contributing to the high rigidity of the entire chassis. The
unit is constructed by placing the loader mechanism, which is a rotating
body, in the centre, then placing the digital power supply and circuit
board on its left, and the analogue power supply and circuit board on
its right, to achieve a total symmetrical structure with the digital and
analogue parts separated, achieving the ideal weight balance. Finally,
to minimise impedance as much as possible, the bottom chassis, which is
the standard ground, has been copper plated. Insulators allow use of spikes or pads
The insulators are crucial parts that block outside vibrations. They
adopt Yamahaprime;s original metal legs in order to maximise vibration
control performance. The user can select point installation by applying
the supplied spikes or plane insulation with the supplied pads, and use
these combined with an interlocking rack if desired. Independent configuration of digital and analogue circuits
The CD-S3000 has adopted a twin power transformer method, which
completely separates the digital and analogue circuits from the power
supply and equips each with its own dedicated power transformer.
Separating the digital/analogue circuits from the transformer eliminates
sound quality deterioration caused by interference and noise between
the digital and analogue circuit blocks, which occur when there is one
digital/analogue power supply. This results in exceptionally clear and
low-noise reproduction of analogue audio. The power transformer is a
toroidal transformer with low magnetic leakage which, for both the
digital and the analogue units, lowers adverse impact on the signal read
from the disc. Following detailed research based on trial listening, we
enclosed the power transformer in a copper-plated case, in order to
reduce the impact of magnetic leakage and vibration. This realises a
gentle, calm and even spacious sound, due to enhanced reproduction of
detailed signals. This is one of the main aims of the S3000 series, to
make sure that even gentle, soft sounds, such as those of stringed
instruments, are reproduced accurately with rich expressive power. Digital/analogue boards with integrated power supply circuits
The internal design of the CD-S3000 does not separate the power
supply circuit boards, which include the power transformer; the block
capacitors are mounted directly on the respective digital/analogue
circuit boards. Thus, an original board configuration which integrates
the power supply circuits was adopted. Eliminating cabling from the
power supply circuits to each circuit board and mounting directly have
the benefit of reducing connection loss, as well as achieving low
impedance. Moreover, cabling from the power transformer utilises the
same screwtype connections weprime;ve given the companion A-S3000 Integrated
Amplifier. Connecting directly without soldering achieves thorough
contact point loss and low impedances. Single-stage configuration I/V conversion circuit enables direct analogue outputEnlarge
To thoroughly eliminate audio signal loss, the CD-S3000 adopts an
innovative circuit configuration for the analogue circuit. The signal
from the D/A converter is conventionally output as an analogue signal
through an I/V conversion circuit configured in multiple stages.
However, in the CD-S3000, the signal is output by a single-stage
configuration based on a discrete design of the I/V conversion circuit.
This single-stage configuration with high slew-rate sharply lowers audio
signal loss compared to a multi-stage configuration circuit, and lowers
NFB (Negative Feedback), eliminating any sonic suppression, resulting
in a natural, spacious sound. The circuits beyond these D/A converters
perform balanced transmission with a circuit configuration marked by
symmetrical plus and minus sides. Using a balanced connection with the
A-S3000 Floating and Balanced Power Amplifier lets you enjoy profoundly
pure sound reproduction without any impact of transmission loss.
Exceptionally high performance 32-bit D/A converterThe D/A converter for the CD-S3000 is the ES9018 from ESS Technology,
Inc. We selected this after careful examination of all pointsmdash;not only
its high-precision processing of 32-bit audio, but also the ability to
handle large amounts of audio data, strength in the low register, and
high-quality definition in the high register. Since it is constructed
with the master clock inside the D/A converter, it is also features an
original Jitter Eliminator function, permitting D/A conversion with
extremely low impact of clock jitter. Moreover, an 8-channel D/A
converter is housed inside the chip, and applies double differential
operation using 4-channel D/A converters on the right and left sides
respectively. It delivers exceptional high performance and high-quality
signal output with superior signal to- noise ratio, since it employs an
analogue signal processing circuit with balanced configuration.
Built-in USB DAC functionsWith high-resolution audio sources becoming more and more common
today, we designed the CDS3000 for optimum enjoyment of those sources
with superior D/A conversion and the unitprime;s balanced signal output, and
equipped it with a built-in USB DAC function which allows direct input
of digital audio (from a computer, etc. ) through a USB terminal. The USB
DAC employs an original IC, developed specifically for Yamaha. It has
an internal master clock, and can perform low-jitter transmission, or
receiving signals without being synchronised with the master clock in
the PC. The unit is compatible with digital audio of up to 192kHz/24-bit
ASIO 2.3 Yamaha Steinberg USB DriverThe CD-S3000 supports the ASIO 2.3 protocol to take full advantage of
the sound quality of the USB DAC function. The ASIO 2.3 protocol is a
standard protocol for professional use digital audio or DTM, with a
significant sound quality benefit: the ability to achieve lower delay
and higher throughput than with a standard OS sound driver. The driver
software is the ASIO 2.3 Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver*, and allows high
quality playback of digital audio data stored to computer. *The software is available as a free download from the Yamaha web site.
Pure Direct Mode further enhances the quality of analogue sound
The CD-S3000 incorporates a special Pure Direct Mode: When playing
back analogue audio, the display is turned off and the digital output
circuitry is stopped, improving the quality of analogue output. This
enables a warmer, more natural sound with greater musicality, further
enhancing the value of a fully balanced connection with the A-S3000. Meticulously designed and beautiful in appearancemdash;just like a musical instrumentAs befits a top-end audio component, the CD-S3000 gives off the
presence of a fine musical instrument, with absolutely no screws or
fasteners that can be seen from the outside. Every single aspect of its
construction and design exudes master craftsmanship and reflects an
obsession with qualitymdash;a truly musical quality possible only for Yamaha,
a world class musical instrument manufacturer. The player with its
refined design has been meticulously finished by skillful use of
advanced processing technologies: integrating the top panel and side
wood connection, leaving no gaps while using different materialsmdash;metal
and woodmdash;for the connection. On the CD tray, the gap between the front
panel and the tray is uniformly precise. Moreover, the beautifully
finished half-mirrored glass window of the display is precision-fit to
the front panel smoothly without gapsmdash;lending an exceptionally elegant
appearance to the unit.
Remote control with simple design and superior texture
The supplied remote control is designed in the same way as the
aluminium panel of the CD player itself, with a simple,
easy-to-understand button layout and gorgeous metallic texture. In
addition to the basic CD track selection and play controls, it can also
be used to adjust the volume and switch input sources on the companion
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