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Xindak Muse 2.0, CD player XindakXindak Muse 2.0 08 EditionTop High-Fidelity, Tube CD PlayerMuse 08 Edition CD Players series are launched based on the good reputation of Xindak Muse series. They remain with the same sound style of the Muse series CD-Player, but with improvement on technology specification and optimization on operation function. Muse 08 series CD-Players adopt Samsung series mechanism and Philips CD18 servo system design solution, and support 24bit/192Khz sampling rate. Complete redesign of the internal layout of the mainboard, with use of high-grade components, including many red WIMA capacitors and Fast Recovery Diode FRD. Xindak Muse 2.0, CD player XindakSwitchable sampling rate design: can enhance usual 44.1KHz/16bit data stream from the basic CD-Player to 24Bit/192KHz or 24Bit/96KHz by digital processing, and then decode them in order to obtain higher processing precision. That solution can upgrade the dynamic range and the extension of high frequency, which makes the sound timbre full and rich. Delicately designed DAC: 24Bit/192KHz Multibit Delta Sigma DAC chip AD1852 from Analog Devices company is used for D/A converting. As for analog filter circuit, are used low-noise & low-inductance resistors and OPA2604 high-powered operational amplifier from Burr Brown company. Xindak Muse 2.0, CD player XindakPrecisely designed power supply: the AC power supply part adopts the design with electromagnetism shield and power supply purification, multiple groups of filter capacitors and film capacitors ensure a clean supply of current. A high-efficient toroidal transformer is adopted with special protective shield surrounds the transformer in order to protect it from electromagnetic interference. The power for the digital and analogic circuits are separately supplied by several regulated power supply, which ensures enough and pure power. All these can supply enough power for all parts of circuit to work in the most stable condition, and to solve the jitter problem effectively. Patent technology: the new CD-Players Muse 08 Edition are using Xindak patent technology capacitor voltage bias technology, reducing harmonic distortion in the high frequencies for a listening experience even more effective. Xindak Muse 2.0, CD player XindakXindak Muse 2.0 specs & features:Disc Capacity: 1 disc, 120 or 80 mmDecoding DAC: Analog Devices Delta Sigma 192KHz/24bitUp-sampling: 24Bit/192kHz or 24bit/96kHz (selectable)Temperature: +5°C / +35°CFrequency Response: 20Hz 20KHz (+/0.5dB)Earphone Output: 6.35mm Jack, adjustable volume: 0Vrms 5Vrms (1 KHz, 0dB)Dynamic range: 113dBSignal-to-Noise Ratio: 112dBDigital coaxial output: 0.5Vp-pOutput Level at 0dB: 2VrmsTHD (at 0 dB, 1kHz): 0.002%Optical Digital Output: Toslink JackCoaxial Digital Output: RCA JackAudio (Tube 6922) Output: Stereo RCA JackBalance (OP-amp BB) Output: XLR Jack, Pin: 1) Grounding; 2) Signal+; 3) Signal-; (0.75Vrms)Remote control in metal casePower consumption: max. 25WPower specifications: 230V/50HzDimensions(WxHxD): 420mmx108mmx327mmAmplificatoare recomandate: Xindak XA6800R, NAD C375BEE, Anthem i225Cabluri recomandate: Xindak Cables, Eagle CablesXindak Muse 2.0, CD player Xindak
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