Tymphany DA32TX00-08

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Peerless Tweeter Peerless by Tymphany DA32TX00-08

925,00 RON
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Descrierea produsului
Putere nominala  120 W
Sensibilitate  89.8 dB
Gama de frecventa  1400 - 40000 Hz


Diametru 2.9 cm

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The Peerless DA32TX-08 1-1/4 corundum dome tweeter, built for industry leading performance, delivers amazing performance for an unbeatable value. With a low Fs and high excursion capability, this tweeter can handle extremely low crossover frequencies while producing minimal distortion. In addition, the on and off-axis response is so smooth this tweeter will be right at home in any reference quality system. HighlightsLarge 1-1/4 dome and a hughe excursion of 1mm makes a low crossover frequency possibleCorondum dome material for ultimate resolutionLow Fs of 498 Hz can accommodate crossovers as low as 1,400 HzIncludes foam gasket to ensure a good seal to your enclosureHigh-strength Ferrit motor with a large aluminium heatsink Product DetailsPeerless DA32TX00-08 1-1/4 Corondum Dome Tweeter Matched Pair Peerless designed the DA32TX00-08 1-1/4 corundum dome tweeters for both hi-fi and professional applications. With their unique material and design enhancements, these tweeters are built for industry-leading performance and reliability. Corundum, one of natured hardest substances (9 out of 10 on the MOHS hardness scale), is extremely rigid with excellent damping which pushes any dome resonance well outside of the audible range keeping frequency response flat to 22,000 Hz and beyond. The DA32TX00-08 incorporates a unique rear chamber that lowers the resonant frequency and serves as a heatsink for improved power handling and negligible power compression. The massive FEA optimized underhung motor assembly provides incredible control for impressive dynamics, and includes a thick copper cap on the pole piece for lower inductance with minimal distortion. In addition, the optional metal grill (held in place magnetically) protects the fragile dome from foreign objects and curious fingers. Capable of handling crossover frequencies as low as 1,200 Hz, the DA32TX00-08 will present outstanding performance in almost any 2 or 3-way speaker designs.

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