Yamaha NS-P350 3.0 Boxe audio

Yamaha NS-P350 3.0 Boxe audio

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Boxe Yamaha NS-P350
Producing finely detailed sound, this speaker package including a centre and two surround speakers is designed to team with the NS-F350 for a smooth, seamless surround sound field. Every channel features an all-new tweeter and PMD cone woofer. Enjoy every bit of audio data in the AV source with 5-channel output.
  •     New 3 cm (1) aluminium dome tweeter generates 45 kHz (10 dB) high frequency reproduction that is truly outstanding
  •     The 13 cm (5) woofer features PMD cones that have a proven track record, produce massive, clear low frequencies
  •     Unique waveguide horn that enhances the sound field sensation of theatre sound
  •     Wall mountable

Yamahas Sound Concept: The Ability to Fully Play All the Latest AV SourcesIf the sound quality is not good enough in 2-channel playback, there is no chance of properly reproducing the source in surround sound. This is the idea that led to the development of these surround back and centre speakers for a 5-channel system. Both speakers use an all-new tweeter and PMD cone woofer combination. They have large cabinets to handle audio-rich data, ensuring that expansive and seamless theatre sound will fill your room.

Expansive, Glistening Sound. A New 3 cm (1) Aluminium Dome Tweeter that Reproduces 45 kHz (10 dB) High FrequenciesAs a next-generation unit, the NS-PC350 and NS-PB350 employ a new structure that puts an aluminium dome inside the voice coil. The aluminiums Black Anodised processing suppresses the aluminium-specific character of the sound, providing expansive and accurate reproduction of the texture and nuance of the high frequencies. With a new diffuser shape and a new voice coil using CCAW (copper-coated aluminium wire) it achieves 45 kHz (10 dB) reproduction with extended high frequency range while maintaining the amount of information and energy in the audible band.

Featuring a Unique Waveguide Horn that Controls DirectivityBased on the idea of controlling spatial representation from the speaker, the waveguide horn directs the sound to reflect from walls and other surfaces. Thanks to the directivity of a left-right directional range of 135 degrees and a vertical range of 120 degrees optimised for home theatre use, it precisely recreates the sound field while minimising the impact of the room.

Supple and Strong. 13 cm (5) Woofer Utilises a PMD Cone with a Proven Track Record in Europe and JapanIncorporating 30% high quality white mica, the 13 cm (5) woofer utilises a lightweight, high rigidity PMD (Polymer-injected Mica Diaphragm) cone that achieves ideal internal loss and high elasticity characteristics. The new design put both the voice coil and spider under the knife, achieving massive, expansive low tones.

Wall MountableThe NS-PC350 and NS-PB350 have keyholes on the back so they can be quickly and securely wall mounted

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