Swans Diva 6.2F Boxe audio

Swans Diva 6.2F Boxe audio

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Descrierea produsului
Not willing to rest on our laurels, we decided to see if we could further improve value in the Swans Diva speaker
models. We did. However, before sitting down to determine any
make-overs, we talked with some very important people indeed, our
end-users. We especially targeted the women involved and we listened, and learned that we could improve the design lines of this already sleek model range as well as their sonic performance, while becoming even more attractive those homemakers determined to make all parties happy in real-world living environments.
We rolled up our sleeves and got out the sharp pencils to demonstrate
what was possible for the eye as well as the ear, for relatively little
financial investment. We worked long to bring to market a sonic
masterpiece at an unbeatable value. For the financial investment, we
know of no speaker series to come close to matching the value we offer
here. Audition them yourself with your own film or musical material and
we think you will wholeheartedly agree with us. Be they in high-quality hi-fi or home cinema applications, Swans Divas convince in every aspect. Sound: The Divas play quite effortlessly, pleasant, neutral and honest, for hours on end ...
The hallmark for Diva sonic design was to produce an item with no
contrived sonic signature whatsoever. This may come to some as
strange-sounding but it is very easy, there are many avenues available,
to manipulate the performance of a loudspeaker. The treble is by design
and positioning quite easy to listen to with very wide sound
stage-producing capacity. The midrange convinces with absolute
neutrality and is practically distortion-free. Through the double bass
reflex system the lower octaves come across as very powerful and
dynamic. Even the entry-level model Diva 4.2 are suitable for bombastic
musical high-level peaks and serious home theater system drama.
Regardless of the type of music or soundtrack, Divas create
sophisticated non-fatiquing entertainment for hours on end. Technology:
For acoustic reasons, the 28mm high-definition doped silk-dome tweeter
is placed in an acoustically improved enclosure on top and somewhat back
of the front baffle. This guarantees a very large dispersion with
minimal reflections as well as a phase-integrity with fewer parts in the
crossover to compensate. The neodymium magnet driven tweeter operates
in an effectively dampened yet magnifying enclosure for optimum output
and maximal diffusion. The massive MDF housing, additionally reinforced
by internal struts, effectively suppresses cabinet resonance and
standing waves. The YT low-midrange speaker produces sound with minimal
distortion and is placed in a separate chamber to enable almost flawless
voice presentation. In the lower frequency range are two parallel
YT-bass chassis operating in bass reflex with oversize magnets and high
power-handling moving coils. The bass reflex opening is placed in front
to allow a positioning nearer walls. A high-quality 4th order filter
crossover provides for a phase-exact allocation of frequencies. Premium
terminals as well as adjustable spikes are included. Design:
The Divas present themselves in a very noble dress ... With the housing
surface being polished to a high finish followed by a black piano
lacquer top plate and complimented by an aesthetic form, even demanding
design critics and technique-antagonists alike find them attractive
'sonic furniture. 'Swans Diva 6.2 technology, specifications and cabinet options: 3-way/4th order bass reflex system Frequency response: 31Hz-20kHz + /-3dB Efficiency (2.83V / m): 90dB Tweeter: Swans TN28, 28mm silk-dome Midrange speaker: Swans YT5N 5 Wide-range mid-HQ-Bass Bass: 2 x Swans YT8N 8 bass HQ Recommended amplifier power: 10-200W Dimensions: 313X410X1284mm Weight: 35Kg Cabinet options:Black / Silver / Rosewood / Beech / Walnut / Dark Bird's-eye Maple + Black piano lacquer
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