SVS Ultra Bookshelf Boxe audio

SVS Ultra Bookshelf

SVS Ultra Bookshelf Boxe audio

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Pretul este pentru 1 bucata !SVS Ultra Bookshelf - Designed for the Discriminating Audiophile
Handsomely styled with a swept back profile and striking edge
treatments, the Ultra Bookshelf draws design cues from the magnificent
flagship Ultra Tower. Available in premium-grade piano gloss black and
real black oak veneer finishes, the Ultra bookshelf looks stunning and
will complement any upscale dcor. Reference-grade bookshelf monitors
have always held a warm spot in the heart of any serious audiophile, and
the Ultra Bookshelf lives up to that esteemed legacy. This emotionally
involving monitor delivers precise imaging, an amazingly coherent and
deep soundstage, a wonderfully rich and compelling tonal balance and
surprisingly deep and dynamic bass. Sure to thrill serious music
aficionados everywhere, the Ultra Bookshelf immediately takes a place
amongst the most highly-regarded 2-way monitors on the market.
Dramatic Styling Yields Sonic Benefits
The Ultra Bookshelf cabinet design yields numerous sonic benefits. The
non-parallel cabinet panels reduce standing waves within the cabinet,
effectively eliminating frequency response coloration. The wedge-shaped
front baffle and flush-mounted drivers reduce edge diffraction and
improved on-axis high frequency response. Even the grille design is
FEA-optimized to maximize acoustic transparency.
SVS Drivers - Extreme Performance and Uncompromised Fidelity
The proprietary SVS drivers utilize the finest materials and design
features to ensure the highest sound quality and performance. The Ultra
Bookshelf driver array features a 1 aluminum dome tweeter and a 6.5
The 1 aluminum dome tweeter utilizes an FEA-optimized diffuser which
delivers a very open airy presentation and extremely unveiled highs.
The 6.5 woofer delivers scintillating midrange detail combined with remarkable bass response:
A composite glass-fiber cone with excellent stiffness/mass ratio
which improves sensitivity and maintains pistonic behavior well beyond
the pass-band of the driver. A vented voice coil former to minimize air compression artifacts at high drive levels. An aluminum shorting ring to reduce gap inductance, lower distortion, and improve high frequency response. A cast aluminum basket to ensure precise alignment of critical components and enhance heat-sinking capacity.
SoundMatch Crossover Network - Intelligently Designed for Your Listening Room
The SoundMatch 2-way crossover features premium-grade capacitors,
air-core inductors and heavy-trace printed circuit boards to ensure pure
signal transmission. Careful selection of the crossover frequency and
slopes results in a smooth off-axis polar response, outstanding phase
coherency and enhanced radiation of total sound power with a generous
sweet spot and stable sound stage. Loudspeaker Physical Description:
Bookshelf Monitor LoudspeakerDimensions: 14.9 (H) X 8.5 (W) X 10 (D). Weight: 19 pounds. Real black oak veneer, piano gloss black, and gloss white finish options. Dual gold-plated 5-way binding posts1.7 wide-flared rear-firing port. Cloth grille with pin/cup retention system. Elastomer stick-on bumper feet (adds 3mm to height).
Owner's manual
Driver Array and Technical Highlights:
1 aluminum dome tweeter:
FEA-optimized diffuser for airy and unveiled presentation. Aluminum dome delivers exceptional transient response and exceptional stiffness/mass ratio.
6.5 woofer:
Composite glass-fiber cone with excellent stiffness/mass ratio for high sensitivity and pistonic behavior beyond pass band. Aluminum shorting ring to reduce gap inductance, lower distortion, and enhance high frequency response. Cast aluminum basket to ensure precise alignment of critical components and additional heat-sinking capacity. Vented voice coil former to minimize air compression artifacts at high drive levels. SoundMatch Crossover Network:
2-way crossover with premium-grade capacitors, air-core inductors and heavy-trace printed circuit boards. Crossover frequency and slopes optimized for excellent off-axis
polar response, outstanding phase coherency, and total radiated sound
power. Tweeter-to-woofer crossover: 2 kHz.
Cabinet Construction Technical Highlights:
Acoustically transparent and FEA optimized grilles, wedge-shaped
front baffle and flush-mounted drivers all contribute to reduced edge
diffraction and improved on-axis high frequency response. FEA-optimized bracing reduces cabinet resonances.
Frequency Response and Electro-Acoustic Data:
Rated bandwidth: 45 Hz-32 kHz (+/-3 dB). Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. Sensitivity: 87 dB (2.83V @ 1 meter full-space, 300-3kHz). Recommended amplifier power: 20-150 watts.
Web-direct speaker-maker SVS, long known for
outstanding subwoofers, knocked it out of the park on sound and build
quality with the high-value, full-range Ultra speaker line.
The Ultra Speakers receive SoundVisions 2013 Top Pick of the Year Award, 1/29/2014. Read Review
CNET Review
See what impressedCNET about its performance... Read Review If youre looking for a high performance,
attractive bookshelf speaker that can truly deliver on that better than
being there experience for around $1k/pair, then you owe it to
yourself to try these out
Ultra Bookshelf Receives the Audioholics 2014 Product of the Year Award, 12/9/2014. Read Review
Audiophiles take heed: The design,
performance, and price make the SVS Ultra Bookshelf the perfect option
for the last set of Bookshelf speakers youll ever need to purchase.
The Ultra Bookshelf Receives Beststuff. com's 2014 Editors Choice Award, 9/24/2014. Read Review
These speakers do everything well, and the
more time I spent with them, the more I appreciated the way they could
get the best out of any content in my library The Ultras
price/performance ratio is through the roof, and I recommend the line
not only to those planning a purchase in this price category, but even
to those who were planning to pay more. I dont say this often, but Ill
say it now: I could live with these.
The Ultra Bookshelf Receives Home Theater Magazine's Top Picks Award. Read Review
The strongest statement I can make about
the SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers is that, about midway through critical
listening, I started scheming for a way to buy them. Yes, they're that
HomeTheaterReview. com, Review by Sean Killebrew, 9/9/2013. Read Review

... these are beautiful, capable speakers
that are also a terrific value... remarkable speakers at a head turning
price... their performance stands toe to toe with much more expensive
Audioholics, Review by Marshall Guthrie, 4/3/2013. Read Review

Cutting right to the chase, the Ultra
Bookshelf speaker from SVS is a phenomenal achievement and arguably my
favorite of the new Ultra series. The build quality is beyond reproach,
as is SVS' commitment to its customers. The Ultra Bookshelf's sound is
one of incredible musicality, possessing enough of the stuff audiophiles
crave, but at a more Everyman price. I even found that, in certain
situations, a subwoofer (SVS offers many) may not be necessary, making
the Ultra Bookshelf far more versatile than most smaller two-way
bookshelf speakers. While it's not perfect nor without competition, the
Ultra Bookshelf should be on your must-audition list if you're in the
market for a solid pair of affordable bookshelf loudspeakers.
HomeTheaterReview. com, Review by Andrew Robinson, 2/19/2013. Read Review

There is so much to like about these
speakers and so little to complain about. They offer a very balanced
sound, with great dynamic capabilities... the best value in high
performance bookshelf speakers!
Audioholics, Review by Gene DellaSala, 8/22/2014. Read Review

... the Ultras captured the music's spirit so
beautifully I could not help but get lost in the hypnotic beats.
Goosebump moments, for sure... the Ultras have a big sound not often
found in stand mount designs. Before spending a bunch more, I highly
suggest checking out SVS -- you might just find that far more expensive
brands offer little, or nothing, more. Highly Recommended.
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