Paradigm Monitor 11 Boxe audio

Paradigm Monitor 11 Boxe audio

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Descrierea produsului
Tip boxaSet boxe
Sensibilitate boxa frontala94 dB
Gama de frecventa boxa frontala48 - 20000 Hz

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Paradigm Monitor 11 (Series 7), boxe de podea - pereche Good architecture will stand up well over time, as will good sonic architecture. Our Monitor Series 7 is a classic example. Now in its seventh iteration, each new generation is an opportunity for refinement: design innovations from our higher-priced reference lineups, reference-quality component parts, cabinets and even finishes! Series 7 Tweeters are satin-anodized pure-aluminum (S-PAL) vs. the titanium of earlier generations, ferro-fluid cooled and damped. Highs are more soaring and spacious, crystal clear and undiluted even at the highest output. Note the new wire mesh tweeter guard (you’ve seen this in our ultimate high-end Signature Series). Not simply protection for the S-PAL tweeter, the mesh and WaveGuide technology do a superb job of dispersing sound across a wide listening area. S-PAL Satin-Anodized Pure-Aluminum Bass/Midrange Cones. First seen in our Paradigm Reference lineup, with very high stiffness-to-mass ratio and outstanding internal damping. The result? Remarkable midrange clarity, superb extended bass response and freedom from unwanted resonances and distortions. A sealed chamber behind the dedicated midrange driver, made of GRIP glass-reinforced injection-molded polymer. The design prevents the massive air pressure generated by the woofer from coloring sound output. Advanced Carbon-Infused Injection-Molded Polypropylene Bass Cones. The high mineral content and injection-molding process have created a durable and rigid cone with affords us bragging rights for cone consistency and repeatability. Long-Travel Motor/Magnet Structures. Despite fewer drivers in some models, floorstanding and center channel speakers actually play deeper. This is in part attributable to the advanced structures: high-temperature copper or aluminum wire voice coils wound on Kapton® formers, oversize magnets and FEA optimized pole piece/top plate. The Ideal Response Characteristics of our Monitor Series drivers are promoted through sophisticated Crossover networks aligned with reference-quality components that include: polypropylene film or bipolar electrolytic capacitors, air core and laminated core inductors and highpower resistors. Crossover topologies are firstand second-order with corresponding acoustic slopes of second- and third-order providing optimal bandwidth and seamless integration as the drivers cross over. A whole new Baffle design: A clean aesthetic, nothing to see but the beautiful drivers, no screws or fasteners visible. Thick and rigid 3/4? MDF across the line-up. FEA-optimized (including stress analysis) to overcome the limitations of the physical materials. A modal frequency analysis allowed us to deliver the most resonance, vibrationand coloration-free Monitor Series cabinet baffle to date. Critically tuned to the rest of the cabinet. SPECIFICATIONS Design    5-driver, 3-way bass reflex, quasi-3rd-order resistive port, floorstanding model Crossovers    3rd-order electro-acoustic at 2.2 kHz, 2nd-order electro-acoustic at 700 Hz (lower bass drivers) High-Frequency Driver    25-mm (1 in) S-PAL dome tweeter, ferro-fluid cooled and damped Midrange Driver    140-mm (5-1/2 in) S-PAL cone, 25-mm (1 in) voice-coil, oversize ceramic  / ferrite magnets, GRIP chassis, separate sealed driver chamber Bass Driver(s)    Three 165-mm (6-1/2 in) carbon-infused polypropylene cones, 25-mm (1 in) voice-coils, oversize ceramic / ferrite magnets, GRIP chassis Low-Frequency Extension*    30 Hz (DIN) Frequency Response: On-Axis 30° Off-Axis    ±2 dB from 42 Hz - 22 kHz ±2 dB from 42 Hz - 18 kHz Sensitivity - Room / Anechoic    93 dB / 90 dB Suitable Amplifier Power Range    15 - 250 watts Maximum Input Power†    180 watts Impedance    Compatible with 8 ohms Height, Width, Depth    105.2 cm x 20.0 cm x 34.3 cm Weight (unpacked)    25.1 kg / 55.3 lb each Finishes    Black Ash, Heritage Cherry
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