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Monitor Audio Boxa Monitor Audio Gold GXC350, boxa de centru

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Descrierea produsului
Tip boxa Boxa centrala
Putere RMS  200 W
Sensibilitate boxa centrala 90 dB
Gama de frecventa boxa centrala 40 - 60000 Hz

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nbsp;Monitor Audio's GX is a beautifully conceived congress of materials, technology, innovation and performance that captures the essence of our worldbeating Platinum flagship designs. In matching systems for music and home theatre, GX gives you the look, the quality and the performance of a timeless reference design. nbsp;The Monitor Audio GX quickens the pace of technological and aesthetic advance in speaker engineering, combining genuinely esoteric performance with luxury materials and construction to achieve a level of quality by which all others will be judged. Utilising the most precise CAD tools available and many, many hours of listening, we rsquo;ve optimised the operation of every driver, crossover and cabinet to deliver pure sound, as free as possible from mechanical distortions and cabinet resonances; as natural as the air that carries it. nbsp;The GXC 350 centre speaker is a no-compromise centre channel solution for serious home theatre installations. Its three-way, four driver configuration mirrors that of the GX300, although the bass drivers are tuned to work in the GXC 350 rsquo;s sealed cabinet. Unsurprisingly the GXC 350 is the perfect match for its floor-standing counterpart, producing frequencies from 40Hz to beyond 60kHz. A neutral tonal balance and distortion-free sound give the GXC 350 the ability to project crystal-clear dialogue and mid-range detail at any volume. A dedicated floor stand is available to ensure the most secure footing and ideal vertical orientation for the GXC350. nbsp;The amazing GX ribbon is derived from the globally acclaimed Platinum C-CAM reg; ribbon transducer. Its fabulously efficient wideband design operates at the velocity of the fastest natural sounds, reproducing the entire harmonic spectrum of every note at frequencies way beyond the audible threshold. The range of this extraordinary driver is such that you will experience the authentic tonal character of the highest sounds, as well as the inherent nature of the mid-band vocal region to which the ear is most sensitively tuned. The GX bass and mid-driver motors are designed by selecting large voice-coils, powerful magnet structures and rigid, vented die-cast alloy driver chassis to power their ultra-sophisticated ribbed RST reg; C-CAM cones, driver diaphragms, strengthened further with RST ribbing to create the greatest rigidity for the lowest mass. nbsp;Crossovers: hand pick and trial each component, listening to hundreds of permutations before finding perfection. The adjacent GX speaker terminals are gold plated to maintain signal integrity and contact reliability from the source to the crossovers. All GX speakers are wired internally with specialised Pureflow reg; Silver cable. Each GX enclosure is hand-built from multiple laminations of MDF. Its rigid and curved nature, aided by radial internal braces and bolt-through driver fixings, inhibits unwanted vibrations and internal standing waves to the extent that all you hear is the pure sound from the drivers. nbsp; Greutate: 9.9 kg; Garantie: 2 ani; Dimensiuni (IxLxA): 254 x 581 x 360; Descriere: 3 Way, Sealed Cabinet ; Difuzoare: 2 x 6.5” RST® bass driver
1 x 4” RST® mid-range driver
1 x C-CAM® ribbon H. F transducer; Frecventa crossover: L. F - M. F: 800Hz
M. F - H. f: 2.3kHz; Impedanta nominala (EN 600065): 8 ohmi; Sensibilitate (2,83V/1 m): 90 dB; Raspuns in frecventa: 40Hz †60kHz ; Putere RMS: 200 W;
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