Dynavoice Comet C-1 5.1 Boxe audio

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Boxe Dynavoice Comet C1Do
you think that all speakers are too big? You will find that even a very
small speaker can participate and play among the major speakers. And if
you choose to complement with a sub, then you have a real grown sound.
The speakers are equipped with built-in keyhole mounts for easy
mounting. They are also equipped with M6 thread so you can use other
mounts. The
speakers are equipped with luxurious gold-plated connectors to ensure
the best contact. They can be connected with coarse cable and banana
plugs. This is most probably the only speaker in the price range that
are this well equipped with features and good sound. Features: - Very smooth and great sounding satellite speakers - Neutral sound to match most speakers- M6 thread in the bottom for stand and wall mounting - Built-in keyhole bracket for easy mounting - Real gold plated contacts that can be connected with coarse cable and banana plugsSubwoofer Dynavoice Magic Sub 8 EXThe new series Dynavoice Magic EX v. 3, the best price / performance ratio for you!Now we have add a subwoofer to our most popular speaker series -
Dynavoice Magic EX - and it's a very smooth, stylish and easy to place
subwoofer. Features:
- Phase shift: 0, 180 degrees
- Power Switch On - Auto - Off
- Low Level Input (DualMono)
- High Level Input and Output Filters
- Tilt steering wheel for cut-off frequency (40-200 Hz)
- Tilt steering wheel for level (volume)
- Stable and strong cabinet. Dynavoice Magic series has long been our bestseller thanks to a
unique price / performance ratio that no other speakers proven. When the
more special EX models came, it became even that more improvements
added. Nowadays Magic EX series are not only Dynavoice's most popular
series, but has also become the largest series, with most models in the
program, that allows you to combine your home theater speaker system as
you wish. The possibilities are huge! Sound character in Magic series is designed to be very easy
listening, but with a focus on hi-fi sound. All speakers in the series
have exactly the same Super Audio treble for the best sound matching, so
no matter what speakers you choose to combine, they fit together and
provide you with a seamless listening experience. Dynavoice Magic EX Series (Version 3) will be available in two
stylish finishes - BlackWhite. Both have a slight texture, making
your new speakers fit into any room and you will be able to have them
long, without that they become outdated. Or why not to combine black
front speakers and center, that match your flat black screen TV and
discrete flat white surround speakers on your white walls? The choice is
yours, as always, with Dynavoice ...
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