Definitive Technology Di 5.5BPS Boxe audio

Definitive Technology Di 5.5BPS Boxe audio

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The Ideal Surround Speaker
Many listeners have found that built-in speakers are the perfect
solution for side and/or rear channel surround speakers. They take up no
floor space and virtually disappear from view. We specifically designed
the DI 5.5BPS for surround channel duties. You can install them in
walls or ceilings for enveloping surround effects with smooth natural
response and precise detail retrieval. Every sound effect and musical
note will be revealed with exact accuracy while you are enveloped in a
life-like bubble of sound.
Definitive's Disappearing In-Wall Speakers Just May be the Holy Grail of Built-in Speakers
You want great sound everywhere in your home, but you may not always
have room for or want the visual intrusion of free-standing speakers.
Built-in flushmount speakers seem to be the answer but in practice they
don't exactly disappear in the room, in fact many in-wall speakers
call attention to themselves and create friction between your decorator
and your audiophile sensibilities. Worse yet, most built-in speakers
fall short on the performance end as well. Would Definitive allow you to
suffer with bad sound? Oh no, no, no!
Definitive's Disappearing In-Wall series speakers feature
near-invisibility thanks to their small area, hidden flange design, and
low profile micro-perf grilles. They are as easy to install as
traditional flanged flush-mount speakers, and don't require custom
sheetrock/spackle skills to install yet they are practically invisible.
Definitive's Advanced Technologies Mean Better Sound for You
The Disappearing In-Wall models feature Definitive's most advanced
technologies such as Balanced Dual Surround System (BDSS) mid/woofer
drivers and pivoting Pure Aluminum dome tweeters for spectacular audio
performance far beyond traditional flush-mount speakers.
Definitive's exclusive Balanced Dual Surround System (BDSS) driver
technology permits these new flush mount speakers to deliver more bass
output and dynamic range than larger drivers. For example, the DI 5.5R's
two 5-1/4 drivers have the output, bass and dynamics of a 8
traditional speaker.
With a pivoting 1 Pure Aluminum dome tweeter featuring a specially
shaped housing that avoids the diffraction distortions of traditional
post-mounted tweeters, and a sophisticated adjustable crossover network,
the Disappearing In-Wall models deliver the kind of lifelike sonic
performance and broad even dispersion that have made Definitive
Technology the most highly reviewed speaker brand in the USA.
Great Sound for Everyone in the Room
We've engineered DI Series speakers to disperse sound over a very wide
area so that the sound is well-balance and natural regardless of where
you are relative to the speakers. BDSS technology drivers, aimable
tweeters as well as the specially countoured and textured AeroRing
around the driver all contribute to the wide angle dispersion and
superior coverage capability of the DI Series models.
Everything You Need for Installation
Optional pre-construction rough-in brackets with repositionable metal
mesh arms are available for new home construction projects. Fire-rated
pre-construction enclosures are available as options, allowing
integrators, architects and designers to specify Disappearing In-Wall
Speakers in multi-family and commercial applications.

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