AUDIO PHYSIC Classic 10 Boxe audio

AUDIO PHYSIC Classic 10 Boxe audio

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CLASSIC 10 boast an array of new design characteristics that for the
first time have been consistently featured in an AUDIO PHYSIC series
with such attractive price points. The professed aim was to exclude any
influence of the cabinet on signal reproduction to the greatest extent
possible. If the cabinet is prone to natural oscillations, even the best
chassis become impaired in their performance. Partially rounded and at
the same time tilted loudspeaker cabinets, as in the REFERENCE and
HIGH-END lines, eliminate any possibility of the cabinet's developing
its own acoustics, yet they are extremely elaborate to produce. Now our
development department has managed to take many of the virtues of the
large and world-renowned AUDIO PHYSIC models and apply them to a new
series. The
cabinets of the CLASSIC loudspeakers are a fundamentally new
development and one of a kind. The body consists of three layers with
various dampening characteristics and different levels of stiffness. The
result, a sandwich cabinet, has a thickness of 20 millimetres and
possesses acoustic characteristics of significantly greater design
diameters. A major advantage of the three-layer wall is the dramatic
reduction in sound permeability, especially in medium frequencies. For
the stiffness of the cabinet is not the sole factor that is acoustically
relevant; also how much inwardly-emitted sound escapes outside through
the walls. A heterogeneous sandwich is significantly more successful at
dampening this sound than a uniformly dense material, and at the same
time it is effective in eliminating partial vibrations. All in all,
these AUDIO PHYSIC new designs achieve a minimum of resonance and thus a
minimum of intrinsic sound previously considered unattainable in this
price range. Ideal conditions for the also newly developed
chassis of the CLASSIC 10. The cones for low and medium frequencies are
symmetrically arranged around the tweeters. This creates uniform
distribution of pressure on the cabinet; best prerequisites for precise
sound reproduction, combined with a superb location of instruments and
artists. In the bass, the cone chassis work in tandem and
create a powerful foundation full of depth. The surround and drive of
the chassis allow the suspension system greater linear lift and thus,
even in booming surround applications, afford stunning reserves for a
high-fidelity performance. The phase plug of the woofer is firmly
attached, thus it does not vibrate with the membrane to the beat of the
music. An elaborate structural shape, but one which drastically reduces
compression effects behind the membrane. Effects that especially in the
mid-range would otherwise lead to imprecision in signal fidelity. The
design improves the dissipation of heat from the moving system. Heat
accumulation would alter the physical parameters of the system, and the
consequences can usually be seen in lethargic sound, lacking definition. The
actual woofer is located beneath the tweeter dome. It is equipped with a
generously-dimensioned drive and a four-layer copper voice coil. This
is how we achieve optimal power conversion and an exact displacement of
the membrane. The star-shaped acoustic panel around the tweeters
facilitates uniform sound dispersion. This allows the high-performance
fabric dome to fully develop its capabilitiesfar beyond the audible
range of the human ear. The chassis of the CLASSIC 10
model, with a sturdy front panel, provide visually homogeneous unity.
Visible fixtures thus cannot detract from the appealing looks of the
loudspeakers. Each CLASSIC 10 is delivered with two different front
panels; one version without a cover, offering a view of the chassis, and
another front panel covered with fabric. The front panels can be
effortlessly swapped out. Those who enjoy music but don't fancy looking
at the chassis can opt for the fabric-covered model without remorse. It
is acoustically neutral. With or without fabric covers, the CLASSIC 10
model is always spot-on. The intelligent base design of
the CLASSIC 10 is an integral element of the loudspeaker and guarantees a
secure footing on any surface. For delicate flooring, we recommend the
optional AUDIO PHYSIC Vibration Control Feet VCF II M8 in order to
achieve top-quality sound reproduction. They keep micro vibrations
securely in check and protect the surfaces. Last not least, the CLASSIC
10 loudspeakers offer as standard WBT nextgen plug connections for
banana connectors and sandwich spades for top-quality sound. These
high-tech terminals also minimise factors affecting sound due to micro
vibrations. Further testimony to the fact that AUDIO
PHYSIC loudspeakers are the result of painstaking research and
consistent developmenttrue to our motto, no loss of fine detail.
The CLASSIC models are closer than ever before to the stunning sound
capabilities of our HIGH-END line. Find out for yourself: Arrange to
listen to CLASSIC 10 loudspeakers by contacting your AUDIO PHYSIC
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