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Boxe Acoustic Energy 101The 1-Series represents Acoustic Energys latest affordable, yet highly impressive, range of entry-level loudspeakers.
Evolved from the well-reviewed 3-Series, the new 1-Series continues the
pleasing aesthetics with the sloping front baffle (103), magnetic
grilles and elegant finishes with the usual great sound, performance and
build quality that you expect from Acoustic Energy. We also offer the 1-Series as 5.1 packages for home cinema use. These
comprise 108 sub, 107 centre, 101's for rear and either a further set of
101's for the front or a pair of 103 floorstanders.
This compact stand-mount loudspeaker owes its heritage
directly to the more affluent AE 301, delivering an energetic and open
sound from a very small reflex loaded enclosure. The AE 101 has been designed for the flexible room
placement. Whether mounted on stands or shelving the sound remains
crisp, dynamic and spacious. Sumptuous finish, complimentary magnetic
mount grilles and the bijou dimensions allow the AE 101s to melt
discretely into any room decor. What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision
Clean, crisp sound; tonally balanced; fun; lively delivery; compact and versatile.
July 2015HiFi World
The 101s have a smoothengaging sound with detailand refinement rare at their price. Definitely recommended.
June 2014AudioVideo
These monitors have a very natural tonal balance. AE-101 has a wide
dynamic range. Fast and precise bass. Open and clear midrange with good
balance and fine detail. March 2014
HiFi Pig
I found the imaging was precise and broad spanned, only just outside
the speaker boundaries. Height and depth were both fine, aided no doubt
by the contoured driver surrounds. They were equally at home on a desk
surrounded by computer paraphernalia, so placement isnt critical, aided
of course by being front ported for the bass reflex.
February 2015Amplificator Integrat Audio Analogue CrescendoThe Crescendo Integrated Amplifier is an
appliance which can deliver 50W on a 8Ohm load with a THD+N of less then
0.05% and 80W on a 4Ohm load with a THD+N of less then 0.05%. So the
ratio of the 8Ohm and 4Ohm power is extremely good, if not absolutely
astonishing for an item in this price range! Whats more, the additional
characteristics of the unit not only make it a real benchmark in its
class but a whole lot more because it is, in reality, a true high end
integrated amplifier! The SNR is more than 100dB and the band-width more
than 150KHz. We havent just tried to reach good electrical stats, but,
in line with the Audio Analogue philosophy, we have also worked
attentively on the sound, which has been perfectly tuned to the
Crescendo CD Player. The Crescendo Integrated Amplifier has also been designed to be really very versatile:
It has 5 Line Inputs and a frontal input
to be connected to a MP3 Player Line Output, such as an iPod, it also
has a REC Out and a Phone Out. The LINE Input 5 can be configured
in By-Pass mode to easily place the Crescendo INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER in
an audio video system (Click Here
for details), in such a configuration the Crescendo INTEGRATED
AMPLIFIER can drive the front loudspeaker, which can easily be shared
between the Stereo-System and the Audio/Video-System increasing also the
overall Audio/Video audio quality. The possibility to choose the
volume scale steps to match the steps to the loudspeakers sensibility. 4
different scales are available, 3 of which have been
designed for different loudspeaker sensitivity and the last with 79
steps, 1dB each, for the most precise scale of all, if required. The balance function.
Crescendo IA has a Trigger-In input by which it can be switched on by
the Crescendo CD Player or by the Crescendo Tuner/USB DAC. Input Impedance - Line Level
40 KOhm
Frequency Response
150 KHz
AV Bypass
Output Power (8 Ohms)
50W @ 0.05% THD + N
Output Power (4 Ohms)
80W @ 0.05% THD + N
5 x RCA (Single Ended)
1 x RCA (Single Ended) Tape Out
Dimensions (H x W x D)
81mm x 444.5mm x 381mm
10.5 KG

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