Dali FAZON SAT 5.1-1 Boxa activa

Dali FAZON SAT 5.1-1 Boxa activa

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Descrierea produsului
Tip Boxa activa 5.1
Putere RMS 100 W
Gama frecvente35 - 25000 Hz

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Acest produs este disponibil si in culoare alba, White HiGlossLifestyle is a keyword when it comes to the new FAZON SAT 5.1-1
system. These speakers will be an important part of your personal music
world as well as your home interior. This is exactly why innovation both
in performance and design has been the most crucial matter developing
the respective elements. The result is a
stunningly refined and stylish system, which only goes to show that
small, can indeed be big; even though small as regard dimensions, FAZON
SAT 5.1. 1 is one of the best performing compact systems available today!One
of the main reasons is the new, well-balanced FAZON SUB 1. Its
down-firing 6woofer is the guarantor of fully utilized bass
potential coupling perfectly to your room. Signal equalization and time
response have carefully been balanced allowing a defined and tight bass
that follows the signal. Combined with the elegance and surprisingly
huge capacity of FAZON SAT you have a fully integrated system of
seamless sound solidity and warmth. Make no
mistake: Uniting the imaginative elements of FAZON SUB 5.1-1 is a highly
recommendable choice. The integration between satellites and sub is
exceptionally successful, and the system will easily match the
performance of a larger system besides adding discreetness and style to
your interior. FAZON SAT 5.1-1 - 5 stars in WHAT HIFI01-06-2010The FAZON SAT 5.1-1 system receives a brilliant review and 5 stars in the latest issue of WHAT HIFI. The
article headlined Slender sub adds to Fazon's appeal praises the new
FAZON 1-subwoofer and the visual effect for being as pleasing as ever.
Here's a few quotes from the review:The overall delivery is nimble, eloquent and profusely detailed. These speakers are endlessly listenable and most unlike the compact
style speaker norm in that theyre solidly punchy, tonally even and
dont overplay their hand at the top of the frequency range. Lined up against similarly priced rivals, they're worth every penny of the price. Back
FAZON SAT 5.1-1: All the style you need - and 5 stars WHAT HI-FI?17-07-2010The
DALI FAZON SAT 5.1-1 package is unique, offering a level of refinement
and an ease of listening not found elsewhere, the intro to this great
WHAT HI-FI? review states. See video below.
HI-FI? refer to DALI's solid reputation, contributing consistently
performing, well-built speakers in their review - now using the new
FAZON 1 subwoofer. A few quotes from the review:Impressive dynamics and punch despite the luxurious finish to the sound. The satellites come with integrated stands as well as wall
brackets... the design is clever and useful, and they're nicely finished.
A 6.5in drive unit in the subwoofer completes the package. Very easy on the ears, the FAZON 1 benefits from a beautifully smooth, refined tonal character. This package's sound is unique here, offering a level of refinement and an ease of listening not found elsewhere.
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