Xindak XA6200 Amplificator

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Xindak XA6200, Amplificator stereo XindakTop High-Fidelity, Amplificator Stereo HibridExpect surprises that are beyond all expectations:this XA6200 stereo amplifier takes advantages of the best of both worlds:solid state and vacuum tube in a very affordable, high performance package. The preamplifier section utilize two pieces of double triodes ECC88/6922 tubes from JJ Electronic, in conjunction with audiophile grade OP-Amps. Preamplifier itself looks beautiful, very good polypropylene capacitorsNOS Philips and metallized resistors. The power amplifier section is built upon a pair of Motorola drive transistors on voltage amplifyingtransistors which are well apreciated among audiophiles. Output transistors are 2 pairs of A1943/C5200 in parallel connection to insure enough capacity of current output. In the back-stage, power supply consists of a piece of high-power toroidal transformer, 2 pieces of 50A/1000V Bridge Rectifiers and 4 pieces of high quality 10,000uF/63Vfilter electrolytic capacitor and the left and right channel are completely separated. A full-function remote control is a convenient addition to the very intuitive control on the front panel. The line-level inputs include three pairs RCA unbalanced and one pair XLR balanced. Centralized microprocessor is used to control and monitoring system operation. The power section of the amplifier is an example of what can be done for that money. Even it was hidden under a thick screen, is a toroidal transformer with separately straightened and filteredvoltage for each channel power amplifiers, a separate preamp for each channel, as well as for filament lamps. What's more the anode voltage and filament are stabilized. Signal input is in a small plate with good relays, soldered directly to the RCA jacks. It appears that the signal from the balanced XLR inputs, it is immediately taken by dedicated Philips NE5532. Xindak XA6200 features:Hybrid stereo integrated amplifier with 6922/ECC88 tubes from JJ Electronic, double triodesThree unbalanced RCA inputs and one balanced XLR inputHigh current power supply, separate windings for pre/power/tubesTotal of 48,000 μF capacitors filtrage and 2 rectifiers 35AComprehensive thermal management systemCentralized control and monitoring system by microprocessorFull-function remote control, metal chassisHigh quality components: Philips, Motorola, Rubycon, Elna, Alps ... Motorized ALPS potentiometer volume controlXindak's proprietary Analogy Potentiometer Digit Indirect Control for minimizing signal pathElegant design with heavy-gauge brushed aluminum face panelXindak XA6200 specifications:Rated Power: 2 x 100W (8ohm)Frequency Response: 10Hz-100KHz (0.5dB)Distorsions: ≤ 0.05%S/N Ratio : ≥ 85dB (A-weighted)Unbalanced Inputs: 3 Pairs RCABalanced Input: 1 Pair XLRInput Sensitivity: 175 mVSpeaker connectors : 1 pair each channelRated Power Consumption: 323WGross Weight: 26 KgDimensions: 430x435x147 mmIncinte Acustice recomandate: Paradigm Monitor, Studio, Monitor Audio Silver RX, Gold GSCabluri recomandate: Xindak CablesSurse semnal recomandate: Xindak Muse, DAC5, NAD C545, C565Xindak XA6200, Amplificator stereo Xindak
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