Pioneer VSX-1131 Amplificator

Pioneer VSX-1131 Amplificator

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Receiver AV Pioneer VSX-1131The receiver of unlimited possibilitiesin image, sound and programming diversityThe fact that the VSX-1131 has seven amplifier channels immediately
points to the major difference to the smaller models. With the VSX-1131
the serious home cineaste can also operate a Dolby Atmos loudspeaker set
with its additional ceiling speakers or Atmos Enabled Speakers and so
get the first truly enveloping sound in all three spatial dimensions.
dts:X as a second object-based surround format follows in a free
firmware upgrade. With 160 watts per channel, the amplifier output meets
higher demands, similar to the seven HDMI ports, one of which is
located on the front panel. This allows you to quickly connect external
players without much hassle. The VSX-1131 supports 4K UltraHD with HDR
on every HDMI port, while it can convert Full HD into 4K using its
powerful video scalers. Music lovers actually no longer need to connect a player to the
VSX-1131, because the receiver already has all the various streaming
options installed. With Spotify, Tidal and Deezer, all the payment
streaming services are supported; with the latter two even providing
full CD quality. TuneIn adds thousands of web radio stations, while
AirPlay, Google Play and Bluetooth provide matching wireless access to
every tablet or smart phone. And if youre planning a multi-room system
in the near future, youll be happy to know that the VSX-1131 is already
compatible with FireConnect and so able to feed all connected sources
into a corresponding system. (*) Deezer, Tidal, Google Cast, FireConnect and dts:X are
available after free firmware update in the summer of 2016. For the
latest information on firmware updates, please visit our website or
follow us on the social networks.
Dolby Atmos, DTS:XThis
device supports the newest Dolby Atmos and (after a free update) DTS:X
surround-sound formats. With their object-oriented designs these formats
facilitate a perfect wraparound sound with precisely placed effects and
realistic movement sequences in all three spatial axes. In this respect
loudspeaker arrangements of up to 11.2 channels are supported. Streaming and AirPlayAs
a network player with integrated WLAN, this device plays music files in
all of the relevant formats from the home network including
high-resolution DSD and FLAC files, naturally gapless and with a
convenient app control. Tablets and Smartphones can be seamlessly and
wirelessly integrated via AirPlay or without a network via Bluetooth. High-resolution soundon multiple channels too!Experience
audiophile sounds in full Sound Master resolution, with HighRes
downloads of your favourite albums in WAV, ALAC, FLAC and AIFF formats
as well as in DSD. For the ultimate realism there is HiRes audio, now
also with multiple channels in WAV and FLAC formats. Music streaming with Google CastGoogle
Cast uses the same technology as Chromecast and enables uncomplicated
music streaming to compatible Pioneer devices. Google Cast-capable apps
can be used with Android tabletssmart phones, iPhone, iPad,
Chromebook, Mac or Windows computers. Multi-room audio with FireConnectThe
new Pioneer AV receivers with FireConnect enable the concurrent
playback of every audio source connected to the AV receiver via an
optional wireless speaker. Conveniently control the multiroom playback
with track selection and volume via smart phone and tablet. Spotify, DeezerTIDALEnjoy
maximum musical varietythis AV receiver natively supports Spotify,
Deezer and TIDAL. With the current largest music services, you have
direct access to millions of songs in the best CD and HD quality. Unlimited choice of radio stationsWith
more than 100,000 channels, TuneIn has the largest selection of free
Internet radio stations covering sports, music, talk and news from
around the world. Full system control, one appWith
the convenient iControlAV5 app you can then easily control all
important receiver functions via smart phone or tablet. Thanks to the
now built-in AVNavigators you no longer need to install any software. MCACC for Dolby Atmosdts:XThis
AV receiver for the first time enables precise acoustic room
calibration for object-based audio formats. Not only the horizontal but
also the vertical axis is included in the complex calculation of the
room acoustics for the perfect calibration of amplifiers and speakers. New GUI and remote controlThe
GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the receiver has been completely
overhauled. Simplified structures, a modern font and new graphics enable
faster, intuitive navigation and improved interaction with the user. 4k with HDR and BT. 2020Experience
four times the HD resolution with 4K UltraHD in the best possible
quality according to the most current BT. 2020 standard for UHDTV. The
built-in video optimisation scales to 4K resolution at up to 60p and the
high dynamic range produces an extremely high-contrast, sharp image. Dual Band WiFiBluetooth built-inThe
built-in Wi-Fi is dual band, supporting both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz
frequency channels, for steady and uninterrupted streaming even of
Hi-Res Audio files. Easily stream songs from compatible devices using
the built-in Bluetooth wireless technology. This AV receiver features
A2DP and Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). Supported codecs
include SBC and AAC.
Boxe Dynavoice Magic F6 EX V. 3Dynavoice este unul dintre cei mai celebri producatori de boxe.
Localizati in Suedia, Dynavoice cu o atentie sporita asupra calitatii
produselor sale, respectandu-si clientii, au conceput de-a lungul anilor
produse cu cel mai bun raport pret-calitate. Dynavoice si Proson marci
ale aceluiasi producator sunt produse care datorita calitatii lor atat
din punct de vedere estetic cat si acustic au strans de-a lungul anilor
multiple recenzii de 5 stele atat de la tehnicieni cat si utilizatori,
sunetul boxelor sale fiind mult peste nivelul asteptariilor, sunet
dinamic, precis, transparent, coerent si mai ales puternic sunt usor de
recunoscut chiar si intr-un blind test
Seria Magic iese in evidenta ca urmare a tweeter-ului deosebit, facut, testat si conceput in laboratoarele Dynavoice
Basul seriei denota forta si foarte mare precizieThis is our best-selling loudspeaker model. Stylish, small enough for
most normal rooms whit a sound that is unrivaled in its price range, in
other words a sensation in pries and performance. Version 3
When the first version of Dynavoice Magic came it went directly up among
our best sellers and after hifi magazines tested it, it was given first
place. After that, we have upgraded the speaker in several steps to
make it even better. Elements crossover and cables have been improved.
In version 3, we have only changed the design, because we have not found
anything we can improve. Despite all the improvements, we have managed
to keep the price as tight as possible. We promise that you will not get
as much for your money elsewhere. Dynavoice Magic-series
Dynavoice Magic series has long been our best seller, thanks to a unique
price / performance ratio which is not found in other speakers. When
the more lavish EX models came, it became even more improvements.
Nowadays Magic series not only Dynavoice most popular series, but has
also become the largest series, with most models in the program. This
allows you to combine your home theater as you wish. The possibilities
are huge!
Dynavoice Magic EX Series (Version 3) is available in two stylish
designs - BlackWhite. Both colors have a slight wood texture,
which makes your new speakers fit in any room and you will be able to
have them for long without becoming outmoded. Why not combine the black
front speakers and center, to match your flat panel TV with the discrete
flat white surround sound speakers? The choice is yours, as always,
with Dynavoice... The sound
Sound character in the Magic series is designed to be very
easy-listening, but with a focus on hi-fi sound. All the speakers in the
series have the exact same Super Audio tweeter for best sound matching.
It does not matter which speakers you choose to combine, they fit
together and gives you a seamless audio experience. Reviews in hifi magazines
It's not only our customers who are satisfied with the Magic speakers,
the Magic series has also received top marks in affordability in hifi
magazines. Magic F-6 was awarded the second prize as the best speaker in
the budget category of BildLjud Home magazine in Sweden. Only
beaten by the big brother Dynavoice Challenger M-65... Boxa Dynavoice Magic S4 EX V. 3Boxa Dynavoice Magic S4 EX V. 3Boxa Dynavoice Magic C4 EX V. 3Boxa Dynavoice Magic C4 EX
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