Pioneer SC-LX79 Amplificator

Pioneer SC-LX79 Amplificator

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Receiver AV Pioneer SC-LX79High-grade components for exceptional multi-channel soundThe sound professionals from the renowned Air Studios in London have
cooperated on the fine tuning of this receiver and awarded the model the
coveted Monitor Certification following a detailed inspection. This is
only possible because the SC-LX 79 is structured with high-grade
components and tried-and-tested circuits down to the smallest detail.
This all begins with the casing which, as part of the elaborate 3D
Spaceframe engineering process, uncouples the individual working groups
from each other in such a good way that is only otherwise possible in
separate processor end block combinations. With eight HDMI inputs
(including one on the front side), which are in accordance with the new
2.2 HDMI standard and process Ultra-HD signals, the SC-LX 79 can also
easily manage complex home cinemas which, thanks to three independent
HDMI outputs, can also be distributed across several rooms. The MCACC
Pro calibration system is available for ultra-precise adaptation of the
sound to the room; in addition to automatic fine-tuning, it also
facilitates numerous manual fine tuning options for advanced users. All
sound formats benefit from this system, from classic analog stereo from
the integrated phono input, up to the newest surround-sound formats.
With Spotify Connect, internet radio, Bluetooth, AirPlay and
HiRes-compatible DLNA streaming, the 17.7 kilo receiver is networked in
the best possible way. It provides you not only with entertainment that
is not only high in quality, but also extremely flexible and varied.
Enjoy SpotifyWith
the digital streaming service Spotify enjoy millions of songs just when
you want to. This receiver is ready for Spotify Connect with which you
can select songs via an app and listen to on your audio system. Dolby Atmos, DTS:XThis
device supports the newest Dolby Atmos and (after a free update) DTS:X
surround-sound formats. With their object-oriented designs these formats
facilitate a perfect wraparound sound with precisely placed effects and
realistic movement sequences in all three spatial axes. In this respect
loudspeaker arrangements of up to 11.2 channels are supported. Streaming and AirPlayAs
a DLNA 1.5 certified network player with integrated WLAN, this device
plays music files in all of the relevant formats from the home network
including high-resolution DSD and FLAC files, naturally gapless and with
a convenient app control. Tablets and Smartphones can be seamlessly and
wirelessly integrated via AirPlay or without a network via Bluetooth. 4K Ultra-HD scalingGive
your Ultra-HD Display the food it needs. This Pioneer device is not
only fully compatible with all available high-definition video signals,
its high-performance video scaler also produces 4K images, even from
low-resolution material. In this way, with up to 20 times as many
pixels, even your old DVDs will gain a new dimension where both focus
and interference are concerned. Professional sound equalizationMCACC
Pro analyses the sounds from your loudspeakers via an accompanying
microphone and adapts the volume and distance to create a completely
harmonious surround sound experience. At the same time, a precisely
working equalizer compensates for any disruptive influences on the room
acoustics. MCACC is fully compatible with all sound formats, including
Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. High-resolution soundon multiple channels too!Experience
audiophile sounds in full Sound Master resolution, with HighRes
downloads of your favourite albums in WAV, ALAC, FLAC and AIFF formats
as well as in DSD. For the ultimate realism there is HiRes audio, now
also with multiple channels in WAV and FLAC formats. High-quality sound from the top drawerThe
quality of the sound tuning from the famous AIR Studios is recognized
as the absolute standard in the hi-fi world. Together with engineers
from AIR Studios, we have tuned this amplifier at great expense to such
an extent that it can reproduce audio signals as clear and precise as
the original recordings. Direct Energy HD amplifiersThanks
to a meticulous overhaul of all its components and uncompromising
performance optimization, the Direct Energy HD amplifiers now deliver an
even fuller, more powerful sound with impressive output power on all
channels, even during simultaneous operation. Easy to set upcomplete controlThe
Start-up Navi app supports you when you are setting up your AV
receiver. The integrated assistant creates all of the important settings
for you, including the network settings. With the iControlAV5 app you
can subsequently control all of the important functions conveniently
via your Smartphone or Tablet (iOS /Android).
Boxe Morel SoundSpot MT-2The MT-2is a two-way, true point source system which delivers a more
stable and consistent off-axis sound, further raising the bar for sound
quality in a minimalist design. It represents exciting new options for
home theatre music systems. This is a two-way, true point
source system which delivers a more stable and consistent off-axis
sound, further raising the bar for sound quality in a minimalist design.
Winner of the prestigious CEA 2010 Design and Engineering Innovations
award, it represents exciting new options for home theatre music
SoundSpot Music Theatre 2 home theatre satellite speaker system features Morels SoundSpot SP-2 for front, rear, and center channel speakers and the SoundSub PSW8ew.
The SP-2 steel sphere enclosure houses a two-way coaxial speaker. An
innovative adjustment system had been designed allowing for the
spherical speakerSP-2to rotate 270 degrees horizontally and 90
degrees vertically. A single, hidden screw is all that is needed to lock
the satellite into position, thus assuring easy and total control of
the sound field. The SP-2 base fits on-ceiling, on-wall and on-shelf
installations and includes cable management.
Complementing the SP-2 is the SoundSub PSW8ew which is fitted with an 8 bass unit driven by a 150W high power digital amplifier with low electric consumption.
The new SoundSpot Music Theatre 2 Compact features the SoundSpot SP-2 satellite speakers with the SoundSub PSW150ew providing a great solution for smaller rooms with a much smaller foot print. The MT-2 Compact incorporates the new PSW150ew fitted with a 7-inch high power woofer driven by a 150W amplifier. Both SoundSubPSW8ew and the new PSW150ew supply seamless acoustic integration for the SoundSpot series while delivering a rich deep bass sound.
Morels MT-2 / MT-2 Compact also
provides the ideal speaker solution for todays modern computers
equipped with high-quality sound cards. It exploits its full potential
by delivering exciting sound with a discrete appearance.
The SoundSpot Music Theatre 2 / MT- 2
Compact are made to deliver high quality, excellent sound reproduction
with a discrete, easy to install design.
Available in Piano White, Piano Black finishes.

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