Onkyo M-5000R Amplificator

Onkyo M-5000R Amplificator

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Descrierea produsului
Numar canale2.0
Putere per canal170 W

Formate suportate


Intrari HDMINu are
Intrari digitale (coaxiale)Nu are
Port USBNu
Intrare casti audioNu


Latime435 mm
Adancime433 mm
Inaltime188 mm
Greutate23.5 kg

Alte caracteristici

Suport DLNANu

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Preamplificator Onkyo P-3000RKey Features
DIDRC (Dynamic Intermodulation Distortion Reduction Circuitry)Separate Digital/Analog Circuitry and TransformersPlayback of Various Music Sources Including PC Audio via USBBi-Amping CapabilityAudiophile-Quality PartsPreamplifier
Sophisticated Two-Channel Pre-Amp for Sublime Audio Despite being at the cutting edge of the burgeoning home
cinema market, Onkyo has never forgotten its roots in pure hi-fi audio.
With the P-3000R, we present a streamlined two-channel pre-amplifier
that packs a treasure trove of stunning audio technology. The P-3000R
handles both analog and digital sources, with connectivity options
including AES/EBU digital connectors and a USB input for PC audio.
Separate 192 kHz/32-bit Burr-Brown DACs for each channel ensure accurate
digital-to-analog conversion. Meanwhile, to minimize interference and
maintain signal quality, the P-3000R employs noise-reducing DIDRC
technology, a vibration-resistant chassis design, and independent
amplifier circuitry. Thanks to the P-3000Rs bi-amping capability, you
also have greater flexibility in how you set up your system. As always,
the job of all this advanced hardware is to bring you closer to your
music and let you feel the unique resonance of each individual
instrument. Amplificator de Putere Onkyo M-5000RKey Features
AWRAT (Advanced Wide Range Amplifier Technology)Quad Push-Pull Amplification Design with Three-Stage Inverted Darlington CircuitryBTL (Bridged Transless) CapabilityAudiophile-Quality PartsNew Circuit Board ConstructionPower Amplifier
Thrill to the Visceral Power of Stereo Music, when you hear it in all its glory, has the power to
lift the spirits and transport you into another realm. Driving you there
in audiophile style is Onkyos newest hi-fi power amplifier, the
M-5000R. Signal quality on the M-5000R is meticulously preserved by new
AWRAT technology, while three-stage inverted Darlington circuitry
provides extremely efficient power output. Massive twin toroidal
transformers and four 27,000 F capacitors work to stabilize the power
supply and current, respectively. And to minimize errors in stereophonic
playback, the amplifier incorporates a totally symmetrical alignment of
power devices for left and right channels. Boxe Morel SopranA combination of creative vision and acoustic physicsget all the
drama and dynamics of the original sound, for a tactile musical
experienceWinner of the 2013 CES Design
and Engineering Innovations award, the Sopran fully embodies the idea
that form follows function. The cabinet eschews conventional boxy
design in favor of curved lines, not merely for the sake of aesthetics,
but for improved speaker performance. The Sopran 3-way (which includes
five drive units) is a combination of creative vision and acoustic
physics. The curved carbon fibre composite cabinet eliminates internal
standing waves even with no internal absorption material. The result is a
speaker so transparent and natural that it sounds as if there was no
cabinet at all.
For tight and controlled bass reproduction a new in-line port
technology was developed, molding the speakers back spine appearance
for a significantly improved soundstage and realism. Add to that the
latest in transducer technology from Morel: The new 6-inch drivers
utilize a titanium support mechanism that transfers the motor force to
the membrane with minimal energy lose to preserve the drama and dynamics
of the original sound, creating a tactile musical experience.
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