NAD M2 Amplificator

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Descrierea produsului
Numar canale2.0
Putere per canal250 W

Formate suportate


Intrari HDMINu are
Intrari digitale (coaxiale)2
Iesiri digitala (coaxiala)1
Intrari digitale (optice)3
Iesiri digitala optica1
Port USBNu
Intrare casti audioNu


Latime435 mm
Adancime502 mm
Inaltime148 mm
Greutate20.2 kg

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Suport DLNANu

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Stereophile, 2010
Best Products: the NAD M2 provided many nights of extended listening,
with one album leading to just one more. And one more. While the M2 is
relatively large and heavy for a class-D amplifier, runs warmer than you
might expect, and is not inexpensive, when fed high-quality PCM data it
offers sound quality that competes with that of the best conventional
amplifiers. Given my long-term skepticism about the sonic benefits of
PWM amplifiers, that was not what I was expecting. NAD\'s Masters Series
M2 is a winner all the way. The Absolute Sound: NAD\'s M2 is a triumph on many levels, not the
least of which is that it points toward a new direction in amplifier
design and system architecture. I predict that years from now
audiophiles will look back on the M2 as the progenitor of the next
generation of audio. Hi-Fi News:If you like your hi-fi dynamic, analytical and, above
all, accurate, then start saving for an M2 as there is nothing else like
it at the price. The Worldprime;s Most Advanced Direct Digital Amplifier, the NAD M2
represents a new level of amplifier performance. Combining the ultra low
distortion and noise levels of the finest linear Class A and Class AB
amplifiers with the efficiency and streamlined signal path of the
digital amplifier, the M2 is the first implementation of a new amplifier
technology called Direct Digital Feedback.
Co-developed with UK based Diodes Zetex Semiconductor, and using a
unique implementation of their patented DDFA architecture, the M2
redefines what is possible with digital amplifier technology. The M2
Direct Digital Amplifier represents the culmination of a decade long NAD
research project, capped by three years of intense development. The
result fully justifies the investment. We believe that the M2 sets new
benchmarks for both measured performance and subjective musical quality. Blending Speed and Precision: Extremely wide 35-bit data path for
Direct Digital Feedback compensates without truncating any information
in the original signal. Running from a master clock frequency of 108MHz
there is enough speed to keep a very wide amplifier bandwidth and very
low noise and distortion in the audio band. Stunning Intimacy with the Music: Directly accepting a digital PCM
input completely eliminates the noise and distortion added by cascaded
analogue amplifying stages, as found in traditional Class AB or even
Class D amplifiers. Streamlining the signal path by eliminating several
amplifier stages provides a feeling of being that much closer to the
performers. Advanced Power Supplies: The M2 uses three power supplies, all of
them highly efficient switch mode types. Each channel gets its own high
current power supply in a dual mono configuration. The Input stage and
control sections get their own dedicated supply with multiple regulated
secondary voltages for individual sections. Analogue Input Section: We have provided a state-of-the-art
Analogue-to-Digital converter stage for analogue sources and for those
who still choose to use a traditional analogue preamplifier. This fully
balanced stage accepts both a Single Ended input and a Balanced XLR
input. Both the analogue input buffer amp and the ADC are of the highest
quality available today. Dynamic Power: Digital PowerDrive optimizes performance when driving
real loudspeakers by maintaining optimum power delivery and lowest
possible distortion. Unlike most digital amplifiers that do not have
power reserves, the M2 has excellent dynamic power capabilities. Digital Processor Loop: This unique feature allows the advanced user
to insert external digital filters into the signal path. The Optical
TosLink format allows fuss-free connection to Macs where there is a wide
library of crossover filters and room correction programs. Digital
outputs in both coaxial and optical formats allow for multiple M2s for
bi-or tri-amplification of advanced loudspeaker systems. 2 X 250W Continuous Power at 8 and 4 Ohms
500W IHF Dynamic Power
120dB Dynamic Range
40uV Residual Noise
2000 Damping Factor at 50Hz +0/-0.5dB Frequency Response 20Hz minus; 20kHz, -3dB 85kHz
Channel Separation 90dB @ 1kHz, 80dB @ 10kHz
Digital PowerDrive
Digital Soft Clipping (switchable)
5 Position Digital Impedance Compensation FilterAnalogue-to-Digital Conversion A/D for Analogue Inputs
Multi-bit Delta/Sigma 24/216kHz
0.0004% THD
Sample rate 32kHz - 192kHz
124dB S/N Ratio
High Resolution 120dB Digital AttenuatorInputs Digital SPDIF: AES/EBU, Coaxial X 2, Optical X 2
Inputs Analogue: Balanced, Single Ended
Processor Loop: SPDIF Optical (Mac PC compatible) out/in
2 Sets of Speaker Binding Posts to facilitate Bi-wiring
Remote ControlControl Options: RS-232 serial data port; IR Input; 12V Trigger Input and Output.
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