NAD C725BEE Amplificator

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Descrierea produsului
Numar canale2.0
Putere per canal50 W

Formate suportate


Intrari HDMINu are
Intrari digitale (coaxiale)Nu are
Intrare casetaDa
Intrare CDDa
Intrare AUXDa
Port USBNu
Intrare casti audioDa


Latime435 mm
Adancime350 mm
Inaltime150 mm
Greutate6.5 kg

Alte caracteristici

Suport DLNANu

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NAD C 725BEE, stereo receiver NAD This is a true BEE (Bjørn Erik Edvardsen) design with all his latest developments including: PowerDrive, Distortion Canceling Circuit, BEE Clamp and an all new and more highly refined circuit layout. Based on a high current toroidal transformer—the same type found on our own high end Masters Series—the C 725BEE can provide a healthy, ultra low distortion 50 watts of continuous power. But more importantly, on a short term dynamic basis (which is the way music reproduction demands the power to be delivered) the C 725BEE can provide as much as 200 watts depending on the characteristics of the loudspeaker being driven. If, for any reason, more power is asked for than the C 725BEE can provide the exclusive Soft Clipping circuit prevents the harsh grating sound of hard clipping distortion. This ultra low noise and distortion fountain of power, gives music an effortless unforced quality. The smallest details in your recordings now emerge. The timbre of each instrument and rhythm of the entire ensemble is now clearly revealed. This all adds up to a level of refinement that makes your music come to life! Imagine a big 3 dimensional soundstage with each instrument clearly defined in its own space. It is now so easy to hear all the details in your music that Ólistener fatigueÓ is a thing of the past. The highly sensitive FM tuner offers audio performance that is as good or better than any FM broadcast ensuring the best possible sound quality for FM stations. RDS is also supported giving text information about the station and songs being played depending on the data sent by the FM station. AM is also supported with the best possible quality from this older but still popular broadcast technology. All input switching is accomplished using sealed reed relays. While these cost more than the usual CMOS type switch used by lesser receivers, the very low resistance of the relay keeps noise at the lowest possible levels. Precision audio grade capacitors are used in all critical circuit locations adding both performance and reliability. Features 50W x 2 Continuous Power into 8 ohms 110W, 160W, 220W, IHF Dynamic power into 8, 4 and 2 ohms, respectively PowerDrive AM/FM Tuner with 30 station presets RDS data service for FM Controls and Plays DAB (Band III and Band L) with Optional DB 1 Module (230V Version Only) Multisource Zone 2 with independent line level output Speaker A and B switching SR 8 System Remote control ZR 5 Zone Remote Front Panel MP Input for attaching portable MP3 Players Controls and displays song information with optional IPD 2 Dock for iPod Headphones socket Relay Input Switching Toroidal Power transformer 7 Line inputs All discrete circuitry utilizing Class A gain modules Short signal path from input to output All sockets Gold plated Tone controls defeat switch Main-amp input & pre-amp output Subwoofer Output Soft Clipping IR In & Out 12 volt trigger output RS-232 serial interface connects to advanced control and automation systems <1 watt Standby Consumption NAD C 725BEE, stereo receiver NAD
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