BC Acoustique EX-322.1 Amplificator

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Bc Acoustique Amplificator BC Acoustique EX-322.1

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Amplificator Integrat BC Acoustique EX-322.1looking for realmusic fidelityto be satisfied. The EX322 can
deliver an output power of 2x80W RMS on 8 Ohms speakers and, thanks to
its massive 500VA transformer, 2x150W RMS on 4 Ohms. The EX322 is
equipped with 5 audio inputs including one allowing to connect with
different optional cards (numerical DAC, network, Phono input, etc. ). A
headphone output (jack 6,35mm) is also available. The EX322 also offers a
Pre-OutRCA that allows to make a bi-amping (with another
power-amp). The EX322 frontage has pulse illuminating keys that
give a soft white light when pressed. Thus, the amplifier offers a
choice of five stereo line level inputs. Pressing on one of the keys
activates a relay switching source, unless we prefer using a remote. The
input line level called option differs from others as it is possible
to upgrade it with Optional modules that fits in a suitable housing.
Today a Phono (MM/MC) preamplifier board is already available. A USB DAC
board and a WiFi extension are under development and will be launched
in 2014. To improve the flexibility of the EX-322, it has aPre-Out
RCA output thatallowsthe addition of a power amplifier to perform a
bi-amplification. The left front portion has the headphone output and
a Direct button bypassing the control stage treble and bass tone.
These have been developed to work only on small frequency ranges to be
able to play on adjusting the tonal balance according to the local
listening room. The two potentiometers are retractable by pressing them:
so they are flush with the facade penalty, thus avoiding any unwanted
adjustment. In the center stands the volume knob is also remote
controlled. Boxe Dynavoice Magic F6 EXDynavoice este unul dintre cei mai celebri producatori de boxe.
Localizati in Suedia, Dynavoice cu o atentie sporita asupra calitatii
produselor sale, respectandu-si clientii, au conceput de-a lungul anilor
produse cu cel mai bun raport pret-calitate. Dynavoice si Proson marci
ale aceluiasi producator sunt produse care datorita calitatii lor atat
din punct de vedere estetic cat si acustic au strans de-a lungul anilor
multiple recenzii de 5 stele atat de la tehnicieni cat si utilizatori,
sunetul boxelor sale fiind mult peste nivelul asteptariilor, sunet
dinamic, precis, transparent, coerent si mai ales puternic sunt usor de
recunoscut chiar si intr-un blind test
Seria Magic iese in evidenta ca urmare a tweeter-ului deosebit, facut, testat si conceput in laboratoarele Dynavoice
Basul seriei denota forta si foarte mare precizieThe new series Dynavoice Magic EX v. 3, the best price / performance ratio for you!When Dynavoice Magic F6 came, went directly up among our best
sellers, and after hifi magazines tested it, it was the first place
owner. Now we have taken a step further and upgraded it to become even
- better finish, shinier and thicker foil.
- a little deeper drawer, for deeper bass
- improved elements and separate midrange and bass
- improved crossover and internal wiring. Dynavoice Magic series has long been our bestseller thanks to a
unique price / performance ratio that no other speakers proven. When the
more special EX models came, it became even that more improvements
added. Nowadays Magic EX series are not only Dynavoice's most popular
series, but has also become the largest series, with most models in the
program, that allows you to combine your home theater speaker system as
you wish. The possibilities are huge! Sound character in Magic series is designed to be very easy
listening, but with a focus on hi-fi sound. All speakers in the series
have exactly the same Super Audio treble for the best sound matching, so
no matter what speakers you choose to combine, they fit together and
provide you with a seamless listening experience. Dynavoice Magic EX Series (Version 3) will be available in two
stylish finishes - BlackWhite. Both have a slight texture, making
your new speakers fit into any room and you will be able to have them
long, without that they become outdated. Or why not to combine black
front speakers and center, that match your flat black screen TV and
discrete flat white surround speakers on your white walls? The choice is
yours, as always, with Dynavoice ...

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