ATC Sia2-150 Amplificator

ATC Sia2-150 Amplificator

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ATC founder/ designer Billy Woodman:
The visuals were inspired by my fondness for Art
Deco industrial design as expressed in the interior
design of automobile dashboards of the 30s and the
visual appeal of professional electronic gear of the 50s and
60s. I have tried to give the SIA2 a modern
interpretation whilst retaining some of that style.
ATC SIA2-150Stereophile Class A Recommended Components 2013ATC's beefy (44 lbs) SIA2 integrated amplifier
($5000) puts out a claimed 150Wpc and is hand-built in the
UK. It has five RCA inputs, but no phono stage,
balanced inputs, or onboard digital capability requiring USB
or S/PDIF connection; in two words, it's old
school. And I love it. The SIA2 exhibits
all the virtues of a first-quality solid-state integrated amplifier. To sum up the SIA2: excellent performance, good value for money, and a great match for ATC's SCM 40
speakers. And Monheit's voice was just plain wonderful to listen tothe ATC is a great amplifier.
ATC SIA2-150This amp allows for a wonderfully open soundstage through which detail can shine. The amp displays great power, drive and
determination as the track builds up. Not only are the edges of notes
superbly defined, but there's great texture and feeling behind each one. The ATC produces a spine-tingling connection between the listener and the music. Sturdy designHugely emotive and convincing soundSensational timing and dynamicsATC SIA2-150Its sonic signature is an
unwavering midrange forthrightness and fluidity.
Its neutral to warmer tonal balance allows for the most critical
listening, yet doesnt cross the threshold into
the starkly clinical. Musical fundamentals and overtones are
expressed like continuous liquid waves of energy. Bass response is excellent with precise pitch and plenty of slamPerhaps the most impressive aspect of this amp was the wide net it cast in resolving soundstaging and imaging. Like the ATC, the Plinius throws its weight and
balance where its most appreciatedin the
midrange. The key differences are the slightly drier character and
tighter lower end of the 9200.
ATC SIA2-150Whatever you partner it with, ATC's superbly
finished SIA 2-150 amplifier seems to deliver a revealing, powerful and
ultimately engaging result. It offers a degree of grip that is unusual
outside of separate power amplifiers, but does not let this dominate its
sound. Revealing, dynamic and powerfulWorks with a wide range of speakersSuperb build quality and finishLong manufacturer's warranty
ATC SIA2-150Un vrai bonheur qui sait alterner lnergie
considrable et la froide dtermination dun appareil conu pour rester fidle au signal, aux
nuances etla chaleur dun vecteur musical de premier ordre. . Lintgr ATC SIA2-150 Mk2 est un appareil remarquable de cohrence proposun prix toutfait
en rapport avec ses qualits. Suffisamment puissant pour amplifier un grand nombre
denceintes de rendement moyen, assez polyvalent
pour se faire plaisir sans sacrifier la
prcision, il propose une solution intgre
performanteceux qui cherchentla fois la fidlit
au signal et la musicalit dun appareil destin aussi bien aux
audiophiles quaux mlomanes.
ATC SIA2-150First, I listened for a few minutes a Mac (n. r.
McIntosh MA7000), to have a reference point, and
then dived for the cabinet to change the call. The
first second brought a big surprise. I had to make sure that all
cables definitely hit where it should be, because
the speakers flowed focused like a laser wave and strong as real
absinthe energy. If not enough
power, it will be loud, but the music runs out of
purity and resolution. But not here, because next to the pulsating
energy most impressive detail and precision can be
heard. Every little thing is served with great care, is a separate
event. This amp plays differently than McIntosh MA7000, which in its price class (two times higher) I consider to be one
of the few patterns. But I put an equal sign between them.

Magazine 2/2010
Place 1 out of 4
ATC SIA2-150: excellent (5 out of 5 stars)
Group Test Winner
For: Sturdy design; hugely emotive and convincing sound; sensational timing and dynamics.
Against: Nothing of note.
Tested with: Cyrus Pre XPd + 8 Power (pre-power) - Unison Research Preludio - NAIM NAC 152 XS + NAC 155 XS (pre-power)

Magazine 11/2008
4 products tested
ATC SIA2-150: excellent (5 out of 5 stars)
At the price, What Hi-Fi felt the SIA2-150 Mk2
offered unrivalled performance, delivering a sonically neutral, clean
and clear performance with enough power to drive most speakers. The
remote and appearance may be a little on the minimalist side, but they
get the job done and that job is done very well indeed.
Tested with: NAIM NAC 252 + NAC 250 + SuperCAP (pre-power) - Wadia 581i se - Martin Logan Vantage ATC SIA2-150 Mk2 Features:
150 watts per channel. Class A/B operation. Hand built in the UK. 5 RCA inputs. Record, sub and pre outputs. Headphone jack. Remote control. 6 year warranty.
Output Power into 8: 150W
Input Sensitivity: 350mV (for 150W, 8 ohm, 1 kHz)
Input Impedance: 20k ohms
Frequency Response (-3dB): 2Hz400KHz
Signal to noise ratio: 100dB
Crosstalk: 90dB
THD: 0.002%/ -95dB
Dimensions (HxWxD): 135 x 435 x 325 mm
Weight: 20kg

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