Anthem Integrated 225 Amplificator

Anthem Integrated 225 Amplificator

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Digital Trends:
Whether this integrated amp will turn the heads of those currently on
course for a high-end A/V receiver will probably come down to a matter
of exposure because once you hear what this remarkable integrated amp
can do, you will be forever spoiled. We enthusiastically offer our
Editors Choice Award to this fine piece of gear from Anthem. Playback: Anthems Integrated 225 is a wonderful (and wonderfully
versatile) integrated amp that offers plentiful power and equal measures
of control and refinement (theres nothing loose or foggy-sounding
about this amp). While the amplifiers built-in phono section does leave
room for improvement, the rest of the amp is so powerful and so capable
for the money that it easily earns a Playback Recommended award. Note,
too, that this would be a good amp to use with hard-to-drive,
power-hungry speakers. HomeTheatreReview. com : The Anthem 225 Integrated Amplifier is an
astounding centerpiece for any audiophile system not to mention one of
the best bargains out there today. If you\'re a little tight on cash and
space the Anthem 225 isn\'t a bad option when it comes to building a very
simple, yet very effective, home theater on a budget. While it won\'t
handle your video processing it will handle anything the latest
blockbuster will throw at you and your speakers. While there are cheaper
integrated amplifiers out there, very few, if any, have the magic touch
of the Anthem 225. High-quality, Close-tolerance Parts: As with all Anthem components,
the Integrated 225 boasts all parts of high quality and close tolerance,
including metal film resistors and high-quality film signal capacitors.
The result is the lowest possible total harmonic distortion plus noise.
To prevent one source from interfering with another, critical inputs
are individually buffered. 105 Db Signal-to-noise Ratio: With a 105 dB signal-to-noise ratio,
the Integrated 225 rivals the achievements of more expensive separates.
Anthems always meticulous attention was paid to ground planes and the
design of the power supply (see section on Power Supply). Circuit board
traces were laid out by hand. From a rich and silent black background,
the only thing the audiophile is aware of is the musicrich and refined,
full and enveloping, leaving you to wonder why anyone would contemplate
spending more. The Power Within: The integrated 225s main power supply boasts an
advanced generation toroidal transformer, a major contributor to the
low-noise floor. This massive transformer is conservatively rated and
designed with high rail voltage. It feeds two oversized (51 mm x 80 mm)
low-ESL, low-ESR Nichicon filter capacitors employing a total
capacitance of 30,000 microfarads. The main power supply also features
15 V rails for the preamp audio circuits fed by two precision voltage
regulators. An additional precision voltage regulator is used in the
standby power supply. The Integrated 225s main power supply is active
during on mode while standby power supply remains active in both on
and standby modes. Input and voltage amplifier stages are a differential design, however
the output power stage, the stage most crucial to ultimate playback,
benefits from Anthems proven output stage topology: a fully symmetrical
complementary Class AB design with three pair of high-quality bipolar
output devices per channel. Designed to dramatically reduce distortion,
this arrangement also ensures extreme linearity, effortless response and
extensive bandwidth while minimizing power consumption. Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM): our ALM circuitry which protects
sensitive output devices by constantly monitoring temperature, current
and voltage to ensure optimum long-term performance. ALM is totally
non-invasiveit is not in the signal path and only engages in the most
extreme circumstances to protect the amplifier from damage by
maintaining the safe operating area of the output devices. Xlr Balanced Connection And Gold-plated Inputs: XLR balanced
connections are common in both professional recording studios and
broadcasting to ensure the lowest level of noise and hum. Now you can
use this same high-quality connection since the Integrated 225 includes
an XLR balanced input. Gold-plated female RCA jacks on this unit also
provide high quality single-ended input connections. Tone Controls With Bypass Feature: The Integrated 225s bass and
treble controls have been designed to affect the tonal extremes in a
fairly undramatic way. They are particularly useful for taming poor
recordings, without upsetting the musical balance. To adjust tone, Bass
and Treble knobs are provided on the front panel. And for the purist
(and the best recordings), the option is there to bypass these controls
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