Produse Logos (Atlas Sound) (CD / Album) — Lola's Themes (Subway) (CD)
Produse Loleatta Holloway (Loleatta Holloway) (CD) — London After Dark (CD / Box Set)
Produse London After Midnight: Singles, Rarities (Flaming Stars) (CD / Album) — London Date (Harry Allen Quartet) (CD / Album)
Produse London Daze (Spiders & Snakes) (CD) — London Southern (Jim Lauderdale) (CD / Album)
Produse London Souvenir (Original Soundtrack) (Stott, Wally & His Orchestra) (CD) — Lone Journey (Robins, Deborah) (CD)
Produse Lone Justice (Lone Justice) (CD) — Lonely & Sentimental (Gloria Lynne) (CD)
Produse Lonely (Coloria) (CD) — Lonely Motel (CD / Album)
Produse Lonely Nation (Jimmi Jukka) (CD) — Lonesome and Blue (Larry Sparks) (CD / Album)
Produse Lonesome and Blue - The Complete County Recordings (Red Allen) (CD / Album) — Lonesome Spaceboy (Tommy Bass) (CD / Album)
Produse Lonesome Standard Time (Kathy Mattea) (CD) — Long Awaited King (The Braeded Chord) (CD)
Produse Long Beach 1971 (Deep Purple) (CD / Album) — Long Enough to Leave (The Mantles) (CD / Album)
Produse Long Expectant Comes At Last (Cathal McConnell) (CD / Album) — Long Journey Home (Dacso / Trans-Kalahari Quintet) (CD)
Produse Long Journey Home (Joe Petillo) (CD) — Long Lonesome Feelin (Greg Harris) (CD)
Produse Long Long Gone (Mick Abrahams) (CD / Album with DVD) — Long Ride Home (Darrell Scott) (CD / Album)
Produse Long Ride Home (Tom Sartori) (CD) — Long Stick Goes Boom (Live from the House of Rust) (Krokus) (CD)
Produse Long Story Short (David Simpkins) (CD) — Long Time Home from Here (Tom House) (CD)
Produse Long Time Leaving (Christa Couture) (CD / Album) — Long Way from the Start (Randy Russell) (CD)
Produse Long Way Home (Amber Norgaard) (CD) — Longest Barrel Ride/Slightly Stoopid (Slightly Stoopid) (CD)
Produse Longest Journey (Tina Jenkins Crawley) (CD) — Longwave (Bonny Doon) (CD)
Produse Lonnie + Showcase (Lonnie Donegan) (CD / Album) — Look At Me (Danny Wood) (CD)
Produse Look at Me (Danny Wood) (CD) — Look in Look Out (Chilliwack) (CD)
Produse Look Inside (CD / Album) — Look Out! Here Comes . . . (Ted Taylor) (CD / Album)
Produse Look Over There (Rodney Booth) (CD) — LOOK UP, I'M DOWN HERE" (PROJECT PITCHFORK) (CD / Album)
Produse Look Upon Your Master: The Demo Anthology (Deus Vult) (CD) — Looking (John Mayall) (CD / Album)
Produse Looking 4 Myself (Usher) (CD / Album) - endisc - 42,20 RON — Looking Back: 80 Mod Freakbeat & Swinging / Various (Various Artists) (CD)
Produse Looking Backwards (Henry & The Bleeders) (CD / Album) — Looking for You (Amberian Dawn) (CD / Album Digipak)
Produse Looking For You (Garnet Mimms) (CD / Album) — Looking Through (Malderine) (CD)
Produse Looking Through (Nat Janoff) (CD) — Loop of Yesterdays (Azusa) (CD / Album)
Produse Loop the Loop (Bullion) (CD / Album) — Loosen Up (CD / Album)
Produse Loosen Up (Shreve, Hank) (CD) — Lord Of Earth & Heavens Heir (Human Fortress) (CD)
Produse Lord of Immolation (Daemoniac) (CD / EP) — Lord's Never Gonna Change (Marvellous Gospel Singers) (CD)
Produse Lorde Pure Heroine (cd) — Lorem Ipsum (Bertelli / Divertimento Ensemble / Gorli) (CD)
Produse Lorena (CD / Album) — Lorsque Django Jouatt (Free Strings) (CD)
Produse Lorsque L'enfant Partait Integrale De L'anthologie Radiophonique (Francoise Dolto) (CD) — Los Campesinos De Michoacan (Los Campesinos De Michoacan) (CD / Album)
Produse Los Cantores (Ariel Ardit) (CD) — Los Gabriel Cantan A Mexico (Juan Gabriel) (CD)
Produse Los Grandes de Chavela Vargas (Chavela Vargas) (CD) — Los Lobos Kiko Live
Produse Los Lobos Neighborhood — Los Pianistas (C) (CD)
Produse Los Poetas Han Muerto (Avalanch) (CD) — Losers Intuition (Nora) (CD / Album)
Produse Losers Weepers (Etta James) (CD / Album) — Lost & Found (Calico) (CD)
Produse Lost & Found (Captain Beyond) (CD / Album) — Lost Again (Kerry Rutherford) (CD)
Produse Lost Ages (Bereft) (CD / Album) — Lost Angles (Transit) (CD)
Produse Lost Art (Cloak/Dagger) (CD / Album) — Lost Dispatch (Frank Locrasto) (CD)
Produse Lost Dogs (Pearl Jam) (CD / Album) — Lost Horizons (Lemon Jelly) (CD / Album)
Produse Lost Houses (Jason Spooner) (CD) — Lost in My Dream: An Anthology 1968-1974 (Spooky Tooth) (CD)
Produse Lost in My Thoughts (Daniel Domenge) (CD) — Lost in the Moss (Chris Garner) (CD)
Produse Lost in the Music (The Gypsy Queens) (CD / Album) — Lost Journey (Digital Versatile Disc)
Produse Lost Jugglery (CD / Album) — Lost My Dog 10x10 - 2011 (Various Artists) (CD)
Produse Lost My Dog 10x10 - 2012 (Various Artists) (CD) — Lost Safari Drummers (The Lost Safari Drummers) (CD)
Produse Lost Saxophone Concertos (CD / Album) — Lost Time (Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin) (CD / Album)
Produse Lost Time (Tacocat) (CD / Album) — Lost With The Lights On (Simon Joyner) (CD / Album)
Produse Lost Without You (CD / Album) — Lotus (Santana) (CD)
Produse Lotus (Soen) (CD / Album) — Lou Reed The Essential Lou Reed (2cd)
Produse LOU REED The Rca Arista Vinyl Collection Vol 1 LP Boxset (6vinyl) — Loud & Clear (Sammy Hagar) (CD / Album)
Produse Loud & Dangerous (L. A. Guns) (CD / Album) — Loud Wind (VAK) (CD / Album)
Produse Louden Up Now (! ! ! ) (CD / Album) — Louis Andriessen: La Passione (CD / Album)
Produse Louis Andriessen: Theatre of the World (CD / Album) — Louis Couperin: Harpsichord & Organ Works (CD / Album)
Produse Louis Couperin: Suites (CD / Album) — Louis Schwizgebel: Schubert - Piano Sonatas D 845 & 958 (CD / Album Digipak)
Produse Louis Sings, Armstrong Plays, 1935-1942 (Louis Armstrong) (CD / Album) — Louise ("Chevalier, Maurice") (CD / Album)
Produse Louise (Bigot, Les Chouers Rauget and Orchestra) (CD / Album) — Louisiana Variations W/Barry Guy (Agusti Fernandez) (CD)
Produse Louisiane (Original Soundtrack) (Expanded, 2CD Limited Edition) (Claude Bolling) (CD) — Love & Dancing On the Brink (Fanatico) (CD / Album)
Produse Love & Death (Dead Belgian) (CD / Album) — Love & Lore of the Civil War (Jenny Avila) (CD)
Produse Love & Loss (Dry Bonez Live) (CD) — Love & Soul (Corneille) (CD)
Produse Love & Sticky Tape (Rebecca Ireland) (CD) — Love (incl. 64pg Booklet, Photocard + Postcard) (Dkb) (CD)
Produse Love (John Boswell) (CD) — Love Actually (Various) (CD / Album)
Produse Love Adventure (Cherry Bullet) (CD) — Love and Death (Ebo Taylor) (CD)
Produse Love and Dirt (Session Americana) (CD / Album) — Love and Reconquest (Fires of Love) (CD / Album)
Produse Love and Resistance (Bosq) (CD / Album) — Love Billy (Discount) (CD) - endisc - 77,20 RON
Produse Love Billy (Discount) (CD) - endisc - 78,80 RON — Love Chapter 1 (Bobby Kim) (CD)
Produse Love Charlie (Charlie Wilson) (CD) — Love Deep Inside (Rico Bernasconi) (CD)
Produse Love Delusion & Other Things (Dambrots) (CD) — Love Fail (Lang / Lorelei Ensemble / Willer) (CD)
Produse Love Fail (Lang / Quince Ensemble) (CD) — Love Generation: BCHCS Version (Dia) (CD)
Produse Love Generation: L. U. B Version (Dia) (CD) — Love Hits Like a Cricket Bat-Out-Of-Hell (Xuk) (CD)
Produse Love Homage to Clara Schumann (Tal) (CD) — Love in the Future (John Legend) (CD / Album)
Produse Love In The Future (John Legend) (CD) — Love Is a Battlefield (Hi Standard) (CD / Album)
Produse Love Is a Battlefield (Maysa) (CD / Album) — Love Is Everything (Fumosonic) (CD)
Produse Love Is Everywhere (Leslie A. Hutchinson) (CD / Album) — Love Is Real (John Maus) (CD / Album)
Produse Love Is Real (Soulchasm) (CD) — Love Is Worth It (Silent Drive) (CD / Album)
Produse Love Is Worth the Blues (Jeff Liberman) (CD) — Love Letter (Jimmy Heath) (CD / Album)
Produse Love Letter (Kitchie Nadal) (CD) — Love Like Blood (Flowers for Bodysnatchers) (CD / Album)
Produse Love Like Ours (Japanese Paper Sleeve) (Ned Doheny) (CD) — Love Love Love (Roxane Del) (CD)
Produse Love Love Love (Roy Kim) (CD) — Love Me Love My Dogma (CD / Album)
Produse Love Me Madly (Gina Sicilia) (CD) — Love Never Ends (CD / Album)
Produse Love Never Fades (Michael Ruff) (CD) — Love Or Emptiness (Johanna Borchert) (CD / Album)
Produse Love Out Loud (David Anthony) (CD / Album) — Love Revolution: Complete 1968 Italian Tour (Ornette Coleman) (CD)
Produse Love Rhythm & Hate (CD / Album) — Love So Beautiful / Unchained Melodies (Roy Orbison) (CD)
Produse Love So Good (Annabel Blanchard) (CD) — Love Songs (Dionne Warwick) (CD) - endisc - 88,40 RON
Produse Love Songs (Don Williams) (CD) — Love Songs (Squash Bowels) (CD / Album)
Produse Love Songs (The Bee Gees) (CD / Album) — Love Songs for the Soul (Shawn Gallaway) (CD)
Produse Love Songs for Two (Susan Osborn) (CD) — Love Storm (Tavares) (CD / Album)
Produse Love Story (Dee Daniels) (CD) — Love The Music Hate The Kids (Ensign) (CD / Album)
Produse Love The Sin, Hate The Sinner (Saints of the Underground) (CD) — Love Twins Temptation (Love Twins) (CD)
Produse Love Undercover (James Skelly & The Intenders) (CD / Album) — Love Will Fix It: Warner Bros Records Anthology 1973-1981 (Ashford & Simpson) (CD)
Produse Love Will Go All the Way (Lee Williams) (CD) — Love You0111cc (CD / Album)
Produse Love Your Enemies (Paul Karma) (CD) — Love's Tango (Bisantz, June / Nakhimovsky, Alex) (CD)
Produse Love's The Cure For Me (Wells, James & Susan) (CD) — Love, Simon (CD / Album)
Produse Love, Stay in My Heart (Dorothy Carless) (CD / Album) — Love Forever Changes - livingmusic - 79,99 RON
Produse Loveglitter Cd (Helen Love) (CD / Album) — Lovely Creatures (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) (CD / Album)
Produse Lovely Days (Sherri Roberts) (CD / Album) — Lover Man (Duke Jordan) (CD / Album)
Produse Lover Man (Jacky Terrasson) (CD) — Lovers and Leavers (Hayes Carll) (CD / Album)
Produse Lovers and Losers [european Import] (Teddi King) (CD / Album) — Loves Holyday (CD / Album)