Carti: Produse Sarx (2023) — SAS Survival Handbook - John Wiseman (2014)
Sarx (2023)
SAS Action in Africa: Terrorists Poachers and Civil War C Squadron Operations: 1968-1980 (ISBN: 9781526760845)
SAS and Elite Forces Guide Extreme Unarmed Combat - Martin Dougherty (ISBN: 9781493036776)
SAS and Elite Forces Guide Mental Endurance: How to Develop Mental Toughness from the World's Elite Forces (ISBN: 9780762787852)
SAS and R: Data Management Statistical Analysis and Graphics (ISBN: 9781466584495)
SAS and Special Forces Fitness Training - John 'Lofty' Wiseman (ISBN: 9781782744252)
SAS and Special Forces Mental Toughness Training - Chris McNab (ISBN: 9781782744238)
SAS and Special Forces Self Defence Handbook - John Lofty Wiseman (ISBN: 9781782748977)
SAS Anti-Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance Techniques - Varangian Press (ISBN: 9781983409059)
SAS Band of Brothers (ISBN: 9781787475243)
SAS Bravo Three Zero - The Gripping True Story (ISBN: 9781529414165)
SAS Certification Prep Guide: Statistical Business Analysis Using SAS9 (ISBN: 9781629603810)
SAS Certified Professional Prep Guide: Advanced Programming Using SAS 9.4 (ISBN: 9781642956917)
SAS for Forecasting Time Series Third Edition (ISBN: 9781629598444)
SAS for Mixed Models: Introduction and Basic Applications (ISBN: 9781635261356)
SAS for Mixed Models: Introduction and Basic Applications (ISBN: 9781642951837)
SAS from World War II to the Gulf War: An A-Z of Battles Weapons Operations Organizations People and Places (ISBN: 9781782747512)
SAS Ghidul supraviețuitorului (2014)
SAS Great Escapes (ISBN: 9781787475281)
SAS Guide to Tracking - Roy Thomasson, Stewart Birch (ISBN: 9781493044306)
SAS in Occupied France (ISBN: 9781526769589)
SAS in Occupied France (ISBN: 9781526769626)
SAS in the Gulf War: The Story Behind Bravo Two Zero and the Hunt for Saddam's Scud Missiles (ISBN: 9781782747543)
SAS Italian Job - The Secret Mission to Storm a Forbidden Nazi Fortress (ISBN: 9781787475168)
Sas Milledge - Mamo - Sas Milledge (ISBN: 9781684158171)
SAS Nazi Hunters (ISBN: 9781787477896)
SAS Programming in the Pharmaceutical Industry Second Edition (2014)
SAS Remote Area Surveillance: Tactics, Techniques, and Prodedures - Varangian Press (ISBN: 9781983404702)
SAS Self-Defense Handbook - John Lofty Wiseman (ISBN: 9781585740604)
SAS Shadow Raiders - The Ultra-Secret Mission that Changed the Course of WWII (ISBN: 9781787475205)
SAS Statistics by Example (ISBN: 9781635269109)
SAS Survival Guide - John 'Lofty' Wiseman (2015)
SAS Survival Guide - John 'Lofty' Wiseman (ISBN: 9780008417574)
SAS Survival Handbook - John 'Lofty' Wiseman (2014)
SAS Survival Handbook - John Wiseman (2014)