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Lovecraft Compendium (ISBN: 9781785996429)
Lovecraft Country (ISBN: 9780062292070)
Lovecraft Country (ISBN: 9781509883356)
Lovecraft Country - TV Tie-In (ISBN: 9781529019032)
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Lovecraft's Monsters (2014)
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Loved (ISBN: 9781538507568)
Loved (ISBN: 9781838933821)
Loved (ISBN: 9781914553127)
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Loved and Missed (ISBN: 9780349015040)
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Loved and Wanted - A Memoir of Choice Children and Womanhood (ISBN: 9781786580566)
Loved and Wanted: A Memoir of Choice Children and Womanhood (ISBN: 9781250813862)
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Loved by a Killer (ISBN: 9784867522516)