Carti: Produse Bad Fruit (ISBN: 9780008476564) — Bad Guys and Gals of the High Seas (ISBN: 9781433349027)
Bad Fruit (ISBN: 9780008476564)
Bad Fruit (ISBN: 9781662601491)
Bad Fruit (ISBN: 9798212404242)
Bad Fruit (ISBN: 9798212404259)
Bad Fruits of the Civilized Tree: Alcohol & the Sovereignty of the Cherokee Nation (ISBN: 9780803225060)
Bad Games (ISBN: 9780988843301)
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Bad Girls (ISBN: 9781486234165)
Bad Girls (ISBN: 9781635422023)
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Bad Girls Don't Die (2010)
Bad Girls Don't Die (ISBN: 9781423108764)
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Bad Girls in Love (2004)
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Bad Guys and Gals of the High Seas (ISBN: 9781433349027)