Carti: Produse Election A-Z - Insights intrigue and spin from 50 years of political reporting (ISBN: 9781910692271) — Electra and Other Plays (ISBN: 9780140449785)
Election A-Z - Insights intrigue and spin from 50 years of political reporting (ISBN: 9781910692271)
Election Administration (ISBN: 9781639891696)
Election and Predestination: Ephesians 1: 4-5 (ISBN: 9781734446715)
Election Campaigns and Welfare State Change: Democratic Linkage and Leadership Under Pressure (ISBN: 9780198869214)
Election Day (ISBN: 9784811329413)
Election Day, Paperback (ISBN: 9780689864254)
Election Interference: International Law and the Future of Democracy (ISBN: 9781108494656)
Election Madness, Paperback (ISBN: 9780547850719)
Election Misdirection, Paperback (ISBN: 9781950826087)
Election Notebook - The Inside Story Of The Battle Over Britain's Future And My Personal Battle To Report It (2015)
Election: A Sermon (ISBN: 9781600391002)
Election: Unrestricted Warfare (ISBN: 9780692782521)
Electional Astrology (ISBN: 9781162627533)
Electional Astrology, Paperback (ISBN: 9781933303062)
Elections ! Comment vaincre ? (ISBN: 9798514242924)
Elections A to Z (ISBN: 9781071853634)
Elections in Hard Times: Building Stronger Democracies in the 21st Century (ISBN: 9781107584631)
Elections Matter: Ten Federal Elections That Shaped Australia (ISBN: 9781925523157)
Elections of 2016 (ISBN: 9781506378084)
Elections presidentielle. Le cocktail (ISBN: 9798519450355)
Elections, piege a cons (ISBN: 9798514259588)
Elections: A Global Perspective (ISBN: 9781789850253)
Elective Affinities (1978)
Elective Affinities (ISBN: 9780199555369)
Electoral Bait and Switch: How the Electoral College Hurts American Voters and What Can Be Done about It (ISBN: 9781633886582)
Electoral Campaigns Media and the New World of Digital Politics (ISBN: 9780472055180)
Electoral Dynamics in the Philippines: Money Politics Patronage and Clientelism at the Grassroots (ISBN: 9789813250529)
Electoral Shocks: The Volatile Voter in a Turbulent World (ISBN: 9780198800590)
Electoral Violence Corruption and Political Order (ISBN: 9780691203621)
Electra (ISBN: 9780573626951)
Electra (ISBN: 9781566630221)
Electra (ISBN: 9783849527112)
Electra - Jennifer Saint (ISBN: 9786063397400)
Electra - Sofocle (ISBN: 9786065071018)
Electra and Other Plays (ISBN: 9780140449785)