AUDIO PHYSIC Classic On-Wall Boxe audio

AUDIO PHYSIC Classic On-Wall Boxe audio

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Physics Classic On-Wall is a high-quality, versatile loudspeaker that
delivers outstanding sound while taking up minimal space. The Classic
On-Wall has been designed so that its dimensions fit in perfectly with
the most popular formats of todays flatscreen TVs. Paired with the
flatscreen aesthetic, the loudspeakers stylish finish creates an
elegant, yet subtle solution for anyone looking to enjoy excellent sound
quality in harmonious surroundings. The
loudspeakers wide range and good-natured electrical properties mean
you can control them through any TV with the right kind of outputs. This
brings outstanding sound to your viewing experience, simply and
detour-free. Available in glass finishes (either high-gloss black or
white in the GLASS line) that were inspired by the formal language of
modern flatscreens, the Classic On-Wall create a unified, aesthetically
pleasing ensemble with your TV. A wide range of finishes are available
for the sides of the loudspeakers, so you can adapt the cabinet design
to fit your individual surroundings and personal taste. And of course
the Classic On-Wall feature the first-rate WBT nextgen binding posts
that will keep your connections at the top of their game for a long time
to come. However you choose to use and combine the new
Classic On-Wall loudspeakers, were sure that you will be amazed by the
mature, neutral performance they deliver, day after day. Theyre the
perfect embodiment of Audio Physics motto: no loss of fine detail. Audio
Physic wanted the Classic On-Wall to combine versatility with extremely
high fidelity and state-of-the-art design. The result is certainly very
pleasing on the eye, but the beauty goes much deeper than that.
Featuring pioneering technology, the Classic On-Wall benefits fully from
Audio Physics vast expertise. While it uses the same chassis and
advanced crossover technology as the Classic 10, it also takes
inspiration from its big sisters in the Classic series. Like them, the
On-Wall has a sophisticated cabinet featuring an innovative sandwich
design and strengthened by a series of internal struts. This means that
cabinet vibrations, which are often underestimated in their ability to
ruin the sound, stand no chance of dragging down the clarity and
precision of the playback. Thanks to its height and
innovative bass reflex, the Classic On-Wall delivers a full, rich and
deep sound that is unique for this size of speaker. Noise caused by
airflow, which almost always occurs with conventional bass reflex ports,
doesnt bother the Classic On-Wall in the least. Positioned at the
right distance from the rear wall, the loudspeaker makes skilful use of
the extensive boost of the lower frequencies. Form and
design give the Classic On-Wall an unrivalled level of flexibility. If
you dont have much space available, the loudspeakers are perfectly at
home being used as a straightforward stereo solution. When teamed with
the Luna subwoofer, they have no problem filling even large spaces with a
rich and pleasing sound. You can also use them as powerful rear
speakers in a high-quality surround-sound systemwith the Classic
free-standing loudspeakers, for instanceor as centre speaker as part
of a high-end entertainment set-up with a TV or digital projector (see
pictures / suggested combinations).
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